Best Marijuana Strains

An essential part of growing your own weed is the choice of a type of cannabis. Each species has its own characteristics that determine how the plant grows, tastes, flowers and much more. There are literally hundreds of types of cannabis to choose from, but almost all of them consist of part of the two largest primary species: sativas or indica. We begging this Best Marijuana Strains list with:

Auto Cinderella Jack

One of the strongest THC-rich cars we’ve seen so far. Auto Cinderella Jack is a feminized self-variant that was made together with Spanish Buddha Seeds. The genetic parents were selected exclusively at the THC level.

The project began with crosses between Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. The genes of the cars come from the Magnum line, so you can be sure of crops above the average. With THC levels above 20%, this is one of the most powerful car variants available today.

Auto-Colorado Cookies

Strong genetics, dominant in Auto-Fem, Colorado.   Auto-Colorado Cookies is a variety of US Auto-Fem. UU that combines a delicious fruity flavor with the power to which he is accustomed of Dutch-Passion, with harvests above the average.

The genetics come from an original, hugely popular, Auto-Blueberry and an exceptional clone of “Girl Scout Cookie” from Colorado, known for its heavy indica stone with a sweet tropical mango flavor.
The cross has retained the very fruity aroma, as well as the intense ‘, feel good’ of the ‘ Girl Scout Cookie’.   The freedom to grow without restrictions in Colorado has ensured that an excellent genetics has appeared with incredible flavor, aroma, and potency.   This variety is very suitable for growers looking for a powerful genetics of EE. UU With fruity flavors and relaxed effects.

Berry Delight

Berry Delight has the delicious taste of Blueberry and has been improved in several ways when crossing Northern Lights. For example, Green Label has managed to generate a type of knowledge with excellent performance and good vigor and vitality.
Berry Delight would be of great medical value and would be applied as a relaxant, against nervousness, pain, nausea and lack of appetite.

White Widow

White Widow is a plant very famous in the world. Paradise Seeds has the original female clone and the great WW selected since 1996.

Working with unemployment benefits in some of your crosses always turns out to be a good option that improves quality. The plant is uniform in its growth pattern: very consistent and powerful. It forms a large, compact tail with a lot of resin.


The AK-49 Auto is the auto-flowering variety View Seeds of one of the most powerful varieties in the market. This cross between the AK-49 and Lowryder has resulted in a stable and robust auto-flowering strain in which all the desired character traits of the AK-49 are preserved.

The AK-49 Auto produces resinous weed plants with compact buds full of bristles and shiny trichomes. She has a spicy aroma that skunks Skunk with a sweet and colorful flavor and does not compromise with the AK-49 itself, has a strong psychoactive effect that produces a euphoric and extremely stimulating effect.

By introducing the automatic genes Lowryder, Vision Seeds now has a powerful and proud auto-flowering variety that makes it practically anywhere. The AK-49 Auto is suitable for interiors, exteriors, greenhouses, and hydroponics. When choosing a location and the equipment to use, keep in mind that the AK-49 Auto emits an acrid odor that will be clearly present.

The AK-49 Auto is one of the most powerful auto-flowering varieties currently available in the market and also has the potential to offer significantly better yields in the right conditions than the average of other auto-flowering varieties.

Formerly known as AK-47 Auto; the seeds are exactly the same, only the name has been changed.

Auto Acid

We continue with Auto acid weed, like part of this Best Marijuana Strains list. It’s a diesel hybrid auto-flowering created by selecting and traversing through multiple generations.   The result is a powerful plant, which is longer than most auto-flower plants.
After the third week, the plant forms mainly thick and dense spirals, it is a sticky and aromatic herb.   The flavors are quite acid and intense for an auto-flowering.

Auto White

This species blooms quickly, but the effect is very powerful. Very indicated for novice growers.
As with most auto-flowering species, 18 or 20 hours of light per day are recommended (for indoor growing) to achieve optimal results. During the last phase of flowering, the plants diffuse a pleasantly fresh and sour aroma.

The smoke of Auto White is soft in the throat and the high is exciting.

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise

Auto-Brooklyn Sunrise of Dutch Passion combines a distinctive and spicy flavor with excellent cannabis crops rich in high-quality resin. The genetics comes from a so-called clone of the east coast of the USA. UU ‘Brooklyn’, which is known for its rich diesel aroma and its great intensity.
This clone was crossed with the knowledgeable genetics of the “Upper New York State” and this is an Auto-Fem version. The result brings together the best genetics of the East Coast in a very tasteful Auto-Fem with a strong but pleasant high.

At first, Auto-Brooklyn Sunrise offers an unexpectedly high euphoria and is a pleasant morning variety for breakfast. This is where the name comes from. This AutoFem ‘Big Apple’ feels at home in all urban growth spaces and comes with the highest recommendation.

BNC Critical Xxl Auto

Let’s finish this selection of the Best Marijuana Strains with one of the most productive caries of SeedStockers. BCN Critical XXL Auto-flower is a strong smoker with THC values of 22% and more.
This legendary genetics is reliable and offers, again and again, good harvests and strong weeds. This is a known type of car you can count on. In and out of this variety it takes about 75 days to germinate from germination. Inside, this species does its best with 20 to 24 hours of light per day from start to finish.
The buds are thicker than normal, are covered with a white sticky layer and have a strong typical critical smell reminiscent of citrus. Very easy to grow with good yields and, ultimately, fantastic smoke.

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