Some aspects and steps should be taken into account when people decide to grow outdoor weed. This is a practice some growers consider as easier and advantageous. Obviously, it requires a lot of work and organization to get these advantages. To create a good plan it is better to know as much as possible about the cannabis plants, named in this article the weed. This plant needs warm climate conditions to grow successfully and produce a great yield. Continue reading to get more information about this plant and the outdoor growing.

Before growing outdoor weed

Outdoor growing is often used because is not as expensive as indoors. The plants can take advantage of direct sunlight and natural air. They tend to take more time to produce the harvest. The natural conditions can vary and that is why people should keep in mind the following aspects when beginning an activity like this:

  1. Climate condition: It is essential to check the weather conditions where you intend to grow weed. These plants are susceptible to extreme cold or heat, so you need to provide the best climate conditions to thrive. Other factors that can affect the plants are high winds and the rain. The plants can be damaged physically. The excess of humidity causes diseases and mold. If people live in those countries where the weather changes according to the different seasons, it is recommended to grow outdoor weed at the beginning of the spring.
  2. Location: Now, it is time to decide where to carry out the project. At this point, you have to determine the most appropriate location to grow outdoor weed. It depends on several factors, such a quantity of plants and the country where you live. Maybe, an option is a garden or a terrace. However, if the plan is growing many weed plants, you should select a larger area.
  3. Soil: These plants require a rich and moist soil. You can get some organic soil to put inside the containers you will use, like bags or pots. If you decide to plant in the ground, the soil you choose has to be in good conditions.
  4. Nutrients: They need nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to develop strong roots and grow in a good way. When people sow those plants in the ground, they can take some of these nutrients from that soil. However, there are other options to help the plants grow. You can use compost or other fertilizers, which have what the plants need.
  5. Watering activity: It is suggested watering these plants frequently. It has to be in a moderate way because the excess of humidity is harmful to the weed plants. Even, you can check the ground putting your fingers to determine if it is still cold or dry. This is a good idea for beginners.

Steps to grow outdoor weed

Growing weed or cannabis plants outdoors takes more time than growing them indoors. However, they usually are taller and thicker, which often means better yields. It is a frequent practice in diverse countries. In some of them, it is allowed for medicinal purposes and in others for recreational use. Let us mention some of these countries: Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Holland, Switzerland, etc. People must not exaggerate with this plant consumption since it is very harmful to them. The case of medicine, people usually have a prescription with a recommended dose. Now, the big question is: how people grow outdoor weed?

  1. Germination: This is the first stage to grow outdoor weed. Take the seeds you need and look for a pot with proper soil and moisture to make them germinate. They need optimal conditions and a quiet place as well. You should avoid touching the seeds, though you can observe them. After some days, the first root emerges and breaks the shell to start growing the first leaves.
  2. Seedlings: Once you get the seedlings, you have to make an important decision. You should choose the places where the plants will grow and develop. Bigger pots could be appropriate, though you can plant them directly in your garden or in a yard. Also, a bigger area is another choice.
  3. Growing: To grow successfully the new plants require about five or six hours of direct sunlight daily. Also, they need to be watered regularly and receive some nutrients as well. You can use compost or other fertilizers. Today, there several kinds of fertilizers aimed at cannabis plants, but they are often more expensive.
  4. Flowering: When the plants get enough maturity, they start the flowering stage. It lasts approximately five weeks, depending on the kind of cannabis strains you choose. This is a very important phase. Some of these plants stop growing, but another stretch. They use a lot of energy to produce the buds. Some people continue helping the plants with their nutrients at least the first week.
  5. Harvest: When the white pistils are dark you know it is time to pick up the harvest. People wait until this process reaches sixty or seventy percent if they want higher levels of THC, but if they need fewer levels of THC, they should wait for about eighty or ninety percent.

Disadvantages of growing weed outdoors

To grow outdoor weed can have some disadvantages as well. For instance, the plants are prone to be affected by natural disasters, heavy rains, and high winds, and also some pest and mold can cause damage. When growing indoors, mold and diseases can be detected on time because this is a controlled activity. Extreme humidity may cause some problems and that is why it is recommended to water the plants in a moderate way.

They should be protected from big animals and also from curious people, especially in those places, where this practice is forbidden. These negative aspects do not stop people from growing these plants outdoors. This is risky, but also rewarding.

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