There are diverse forms to grow pot outside, but it depends on diverse factors. Before describing these factors, it is better to review some information about this plant. Pot is another term some people use when they are talking about the cannabis plant. Cannabis is considered as a plant, which comes from Asia, probably a place near India. It has been used for many years and for several reasons as well. It has been grown either inside or outside, but people have to provide what it needs to produce a good harvest.

Ways to grow pot plants outside

People use different ways to grow pot outside. One of this is using a garden or a backyard. For such a practice, people often use the germination method, which consists of making the seeds become seedlings. Once people have the seeds, they have to look for containers, like pots or bags. They have to put good and moist soil to help the seeds germinate. It is necessary to wait some days to get the seedlings. After they have the seedlings, they wait some time to transplant them to bigger pots or to the garden.

Sometimes, people put the plants in bigger pots and those pots are taken to a terrace. As these plants need to receive sunlight, people often change the pots to places where they can benefit direct sunlight. It is recommended to expose the cannabis plants about five or six hours a day. Moreover, it is necessary to check if the soil is dry or moist to proceed with the watering activity. When the plants are very small, they need moist soil, so growers should not water them frequently. The plants need to develop their roots and stems and leaves.

Another way to grow pot outside is using a larger area. In this case, the growing is often carried out directly in the ground. People usually use this way when they have bigger projects with many plants. Also, it is relevant to mention that some cannabis strains grow better outside than indoors like it is the sativa case. Cannabis sativa is often grown in India and South America. These strains tend to grow a lot and that is why they are great to grow outside.

If you grow directly in the ground, the chosen soil has to be good and rich. Cannabis plants require particular conditions to grow well and produce excellent yields. A rich soil, water, and sunlight is a good combination to make the plants develop. Of course, you will need some extra help and fertilizers can contribute to their development.

Care and maintenance of outside pot growing

Pot plants need some particular care during their lifecycle. In the beginning, they require moisture and a rich soil to develop roots and stems and leaves. Growers have to be careful with them because they are very delicate during their first stage. When these are not plants yet, they are named seedlings and people should not touch them to avoid damaging those. Now, let us mention some of the activities growers need to do to contribute with their development:

  1. Removing the other plants. People should eliminate these plants that are growing around them. This activity is very important because these absorb the cannabis nutrients, which make them diminish their growing.
  2. Checking the climate conditions are appropriate. These plants need to receive the appropriate conditions, like sunlight and fresh breezes. Although this is necessary, they are vulnerable to extreme heat and cold. Also, they may be affected by strong winds.
  3. Watering the pot plants regularly. When people decide to grow pot outside, they should get good information about care and maintenance. Watering is essential, though it has to be in a moderate way. It the plants are watered excessively, they can be affected in different forms. For example, they can stop growing and some diseases and mold can appear as well.
  4. Using some fertilizers. Pot plants need nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to encourage them to grow. When growing outside, the plants take some of these nutrients from the soil, but it is necessary to help using some fertilizers. You can use compost or those fertilizers targeted at cannabis plants.
  5. Protecting them from animals. This is one of the disadvantages when people grow pot outside. The plants are prone to be destroyed by big animals, so it is better to check the growing regularly and if it possible to set up good fences.

Advantages of growing pot outside

Cannabis plants are used for recreation and medicine. They are very useful for anxiety and depression treatment. Another common use is for treating extreme pains. Also, it can be used with some industrial purposes. These are some of the possible reasons why people decide to grow pot outside or inside. Some pot growers claim that it is easier to plant pot outside. This practice can offer some advantages, such as:

  1. – It is cheaper than indoor practice. You do not have to set up a ventilation and lighting system.
  2. – The plants receive some nutrients from the same soil. People use fertilizers but is often less than indoor growing.
  3. – The cannabis plants grow more when they are planted outside, so the harvest is better as well. They have more space to grow, though their stages last more time. This is not a controlled activity, so these plants take more months to produce the yields.
  4. – The plants can receive the proper conditions, like sunlight and fresh air.

When choosing to grow pot outside, you have to evaluate several factors, such as the suitable location for your plants, the temperature where you live, the number of plants you want to grow, the legal restrictions and even information about the care and maintenance. Once you get enough knowledge about this practice, you can start experiencing each of their stages till they produce a good yield.

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