CBD oil and its uses

If you are interested in all kinds of information that has to do with the ”cannabis” plant, you have probably heard of the CBD reference at some point and you have probably asked yourself: what is that?
Indeed, whether you are thinking about growing a seed, because you want to acquire cannabis strains directly from the store or you are just curious about the subject, you should know that the CBD is an important factor when purchasing and influences many ways about the effect that may be exercised at the time of being used.

Know it all about CBD

What is the CBD?

The CBD is produced by the Cannabis cannabis plant sativa. It is also known as “hemp” or “industrial hemp.” Cannabis is widely known for its euphoric effects thanks to its best-known psychoactive cousin, THC. The non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol binds to different receptor systems CBD, therefore, is considered as an effective, well tolerated and, above all, the safe component of the hemp plant and is particularly interesting for self-medication, since it can develop anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic and anti-schizophrenic properties, without attenuating the effects secondary

Due to the low content of THC, CBD- rich hemp can be grown legally, cannabidiol is produced in higher concentrations in the upper third of the plant and in the flowers. After harvesting, parts of the plant are taken or placed in extracts for oil extraction.

The different cannabinoids have their own specific characteristics and unique effects on the human body. With that, they also offer other possibilities in health care. The two cannabinoids that are best known for their medicinal effects are THC and CBD.

What can I use CBD oil for?

CBD oil has several effects. It is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows CBD oil to provide effective therapy for a wide range of disorders, from neurological disorders to autoimmune diseases and also chronic pain and depression. CBD oil also has a calming and analgesic effect on the body. That is why it is also used to relieve pain, stress and various anxiety disorders.

The Relationship between THC and CBD

It is possible that CBD (and especially the relationship between CBD and THC) may counteract some effects of THC, such as a cute psychotic symptom, anxiety, worsening of memory and reward effects. Unfortunately, epidemiological research has not yet been conducted to show that cannabis with a high CBD content is less risky.

The explanation that the effects are weakening should be sought in the possible inhibitory effect that CBD has on the brain. The CBD binds to the same receptor type THC but in a different place. As a result, the CBD has no psychoactive effect but modulates the effect of the cannabinoid system.

It makes a difference if the CBD is administered before or simultaneously with THC. If it is at the same time, the THC effect will weaken and the effect of the CBD will be reinforced. If CBD is administered in advance, it inhibits certain enzymes involved in the breakdown of THC. This allows the THC to work longer. With simultaneous administration, enzymes can simply do their job and THC no longer works.

Why do we use CBD as a medicine?

As mentioned earlier, there are other cannabinoids, there are at least 100 other active cannabinoids that are present in cannabis plants. All these plant cannabinoids are called phytocannabinoids, derived from the Greek ”phyton”, which means plant. The only thing about phytocannabinoids is that they have the same properties as certain substances that are naturally present in our bodies, the so-called endocannabinoids. Substances such as the well-known THC and the increasingly popular CBD imitate these body substances.

Because these plant ( phytogenic ) cannabinoids are, so to speak, copies of the cannabinoids (endogenous) of our body, they fit as keys to specific receptors (receptors in cells), which normally only bind to the substances in the body. Therefore, like the endocannabinoids, they can influence certain biological processes or functions. Therefore, our body does not see these phytocannabinoids as unknown invaders and does not attempt to use a defense mechanism. This has the advantage that the body can absorb the CBD quickly and correctly and that internal processes can be rapidly influenced or controlled.

Positive characteristics of the CBD

Cannabidiol has a number of positive features. The lack of psychoactivity (in the sense that there is no effect of euphoria or change of consciousness) makes it more suitable for use in animals, children or the elderly and those who prefer to stay focused. Below are some favorable features:

A natural product of beneficial plants of hemp.
Fully legal and freely available.
It can be used for a long time
It has no addictive effect.
There are no withdrawal symptoms when stopping in take
It does not cause a feeling of boredom.
It has no psychoactive influence.
It can reduce the psychoactive influence of THC.
It is experienced by the body as a substance of its own.
Also very suitable for children and animals.
Lia Amp product selection CBD.

Help quickly:

Against pain.
To reduce inflammation.
To relieve anxiety and stress.
Asleep improvement.
As relaxing for the muscles.
To counteract the fight of cancer.
To alleviate skin complaints.
To reduce acne.

Disadvantages of the use of CBD?

Although CBD is considered a safe substance for oral use, some side effects are known:

Dry mouth
Low blood pressure

Can I pass a drug test if CBD consumption?

It is very frequent and logical that you ask yourself if you can or cannot, pass a drug test in spite of ingesting CBD. Well, no; It is true that products that containing CBD can obtain positive results in the tests of drugs for THC and cannabis and that the urine and saliva tests can respond to all types of cannabinoid.  However, blood tests that show specific cannabinoids can always be requested.


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