Growing marijuana outside can be a fun, rewarding and challenging activity. It can also be risky and frustrating if the plant does not receive the suitable conditions and care to thrive. Some growers consider indoor growing as another option, but it is often more expensive. Depending on the number of plants, they may need to arrange a place with a fan and lighting system to keep the temperature conditions under control, whereas outside growing plants receive those conditions from the environment itself. If you are planning to begin this activity, you can use your outdoor garden without investing much money.

Consider these factors to grow marijuana outside

There are several factors to be considered when you decide to set up your marijuana outside growing. Marijuana is a plant, which is used in many places for diverse reasons, such as recreation, medicine and also industrial use. Although this plant grows better in tropical locations, it is adaptable. However, it guides certain conditions to grow successfully. Through this guide, you will find some relevant information you need to know in order to grow marijuana outside.  

  1. Choose a suitable location:

Choosing an appropriate location to grow marijuana outside is a key factor, especially if your plan is growing directly in the ground or in a large area. Some people prefer using containers they can move according to the weather conditions, but this is a good idea in case of having just a few plants. Another alternative is using your garden or places like a balcony, a rooftop or a terrace. In this case, you have to choose several pots to plant them.

When choosing a place to grow marijuana outside, you have to be certain the plants will receive several hours of direct sunlight, at least five or six hours every day. You can choose midday or the time when the sunlight quality is better. There are some people, who have to move the plant pots daily looking for the most convenient sunlight in order to make the plants get what they need each day.

You have to be careful with the places, where the high wind is a frequent condition. In this case, you can sow your marijuana plants near walls or fences to protect or hold them. This activity may be great if you are growing these plants in places like gardens, yards, or small locations. However, if your cannabis plants are outside in larger places, it is more difficult to take care of them from severe breezes, though some people arrange some fences to try to protect them.

  1. Study the climate conditions:

As explained before, marijuana plants can adapt to diverse settings, though they cannot tolerate very hot conditions. These plants come from Asia, so they grow better the tropical climate. Nowadays, they are grown in diverse places, either outside or inside ones. According to the growing way, growers consider alternatives to provide these plants with the most suitable conditions to develop in a successful way.

If the plan is growing marijuana outside, it is necessary to evaluate the climate conditions to accomplish such activity positively. These plants are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, either cold or hot. It means, if the conditions are not favorable, they can stop growing and even reduce yields. In worse situations, these plants can die off. For instance, when the weather is very rainy and windy, the plants can be damaged physically. It is true that marijuana plants need moist soil, but if they receive excessive humidity, they can be affected by mold or any other diseases.

  1. Choose a growing method:

To begin growing marijuana plants, it is recommended to use the germination technique. You need to look for suitable pots and proper soil to make the seeds germinate. At this stage, the seeds require a moist soil and to be days, quiet area, while the germination occurs. This process lasts some days until the first root appears. This main root is very important because the other roots grow from this. Depending on the pots you use at the beginning, you may need to move these plants to bigger containers. This practice should be carried out carefully because they are very fragile during the first phase.

If the idea is growing the plants directly in the ground, you have to be certain about the kind of soil to be used. You should look for a rich soil and improve its conditions using some compost or manure. It will give the necessary nutrients to the plants in order to thrive and produce a great harvest. Remember, these plants also need some moisture to develop their roots. You should be certain they have enough humidity and not too much.

  1. Use some fertilizers:

Growing marijuana outside probably does not require too many fertilizers like indoor practice, but it is true this plant needs different nutrients during its stages. People choose the most convenient alternatives to provide these nutrients. Some of them use natural and organic fertilizers, but others prefer the ones targeted at cannabis plants. These last ones have what the cannabis plants need to thrive, but they tend to be more expensive as well.

If the plants are in larger areas with a rich soil, they take some nutrients from the ground and the growers often help using fertilizers, usually those aimed at cannabis plants. It is fundamental to guarantee the plants what they need to reach an excellent harvest, but the use of fertilizers has to be moderately. The excessive use of fertilizers can damage the marijuana plants.

Finally, when growing marijuana outside, people should consider all the aspects mentioned in this article to get a successful harvest. Moreover, it is important to state that it is necessary to keep a constant care to encourage these plants to thrive. For instance, watering should be carried out regularly, though they cannot be overwatered either. You have to pay attention to the weather conditions and all the possible problems.

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