Growing marijuana plants outdoors

Some people claim that growing marijuana plants outdoors is easier than indoors. Maybe, they are right. As it is known, these plants grow better in warm climates, so if the activity is carried out in open places, it is not necessary to spend money on buying special equipment or preparing an infrastructure with an appropriate lighting system. People can use the sunlight and the weather conditions of the place.  Although it sounds great and easier, there are some things to consider when growing this plants outdoors. Continue reading to get more information.

Setting up a marijuana outdoor growing

To begin growing marijuana outdoors, people need to get the seeds. Nowadays, there are places where you can find special seeds for outdoor cultivation. Even, these strains can complete the cycle early, including growing and flowering. Also, these can be more resistant in the soil. Another way to obtain the seeds is through a previous harvest. Once people get the seeds, it is time to start with the marijuana growing phases:

  1. Germination: The first stage is the germination period. This is the process to make the seeds sprout. People know this process is complete when the first root appears. This main root is very important because the other roots sprout from this one. When it gets stronger and others appear, the shell breaks through the surface. At this point, the first leaf emerges. This is known as cotyledon. After that, new and real leaves emerge.

For the germination phase, use pot plants or bags. These pots should have a moist soil to get the seedlings successfully. Also, the seeds should be alone while waiting for the first root to appear. A warm place is very helpful as well; it must not be hot. When you observe such seeds, it is advisable to be very careful and kind. And when the planting moment arrives, people have to avoid touching the main root because it is very fragile.

  1. Seedlings planting: Once the seedlings are ready, it is time to plant them. It is relevant to mention that people also need to find a place to begin. It could be a garden or a bigger place. It depends on the number of plants you need to grow and also the country where the marijuana growing is carried out. Remember, there are many countries where this practice is considered as something illegal.

Sometimes, people use bigger pots to plant them in their gardens, since they are considered as great places for growing marijuana plants outdoors. Other growers prefer using larger lands to have a lot of plants and yield vast harvests. People have to be careful when they move the seedlings to the soil because they are delicate during the first stage. Also, it is necessary to keep these seedlings warm and moist. They require enough moisture to grow successfully, so growers must avoid overwatering the new marijuana plants.

There are other people, who grow the seeds directly into the ground without germinating them before. It means, the process is risky because it is probable that several seeds do not sprout as expected. This soil needs to be in excellent conditions to provide the new plants all the nutrients they need to thrive. Also, people need to remove other plants around, which may interfere with the new marijuana plants development.

  1. Growing: To reach an excellent growing, marijuana plants need to receive the sunlight. If these plants are in the garden, this place should have access to sunlight. Also, watering is very significant. People have to water the plants regularly, though they cannot be overwatered either. A very useful suggestion is touching the ground with your fingers in order to check if it is dry or moist. If you feel the soil is cold, it means there is still water left. Other people advise watering the marijuana plants once a week to avoid that problem.

Another fundamental element to help the marijuana plants grow is the use of fertilizers. The first nutrients these plants receive come from the soil itself. That is why people have to choose rich soil when growing marijuana plants outdoors. After some weeks, three or four weeks, it is a good idea to use fertilizers. Nowadays, there are several kinds of fertilizers aimed at cannabis plants. Maybe, this is the best option because it has all the components these plants need.

Some of these fertilizers are expensive. If you cannot afford those, you can get other kinds targeted at food plants. They can also work well. But this is a common case for small harvests. When people have bigger projects, they often get those fertilizers for cannabis plants. The use of fertilizers has to be in appropriate doses. It is advisable to check the recommendations written in their containers. But, why is it so important to use fertilizers properly? Well, the main reason is that if people use those excessively, it may be harmful to the plants, even these plants can die off.

  1. The harvest: The marijuana plants harvest should be ready in about three or five months. But, how do we know if the plants are ready for the harvest? At this point, the cannabis plants have great and big buds. These buds’ stigmas turn brown, so it is time to obtain the final production.

Growing marijuana plants outdoors can be advantageous as well. It is easier to cultivate these plants. Also, they can grow bigger, which can produce a better yield. It is due to the conditions. They receive the sunlight, the fresh air, and enough space to expand themselves. It is cheaper than growing cannabis indoors. And also you do not have electricity inconvenient. However, there are some disadvantages, such as the following ones: the plants are prone to be damaged by pest, fungi, and animals. Also, the harvest lasts more because there is not light and temperature control, but people can get bigger plants and better harvests.

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