Cannabis plants growing has to succeed in several stages to produce the harvest. People can encourage the plants to grow bigger buds outdoors, but maybe these could need some help. It is necessary to know some information about the buds in order to understand what they are and need to improve their growth. During the flowering stage of cannabis plants, the flowers or buds start emerging. They grow into branches and they are held by the nodes. After some weeks during this stage, the buds get bigger and thicker. Some strains develop better buds than others.

Buds outdoor growing

When people grow cannabis plants, they usually start germinating their seeds to get good seedlings. From the beginning, these plants need suitable conditions to grow and develop good roots, stems, and leaves. They require a rich and moist soil. Also, they should be watered regularly. These plants need nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, among others. These conditions and proper care are carried out to help the plants develop and grow bigger buds.

The location is another factor to consider when growing cannabis outdoors. It is necessary to check the possible weather variations to choose the best alternative for the plants. They can be affected by heavy rains and strong winds, so it is better to think about that carefully. Some people, who grow in their yards, set up fences to protect them or they grow the plants near walls.

After these plants have grown several months, they have to start another stage. This phase is known as the flowering stage. This period is not the same with all the cannabis strains. Some of them flower later than others. This stage takes several weeks to reach to the final harvest. These plants suffer several changes during the weeks of the flowering period last. These variations can be according to the cannabis strains.

The flowering stage of cannabis plants is very important. At this point, they enter in a transition period. Some of them stretch getting bigger and bigger and also new leaves appear. Others start diminishing their growing. It depends on the kind of strains you use for your outdoor growing. During this phase, the plants use a lot of energy, so it is advisable to continue feeding them at least a week more. These need nutrients to succeed in this new period.

During the second week, some white hairs named pistils begin to emerge. These pistils will become the buds then. The female buds produce the pistils, while the male buds produce pollen, which can be used to pollinate the females. Through pollination, the females start producing seeds and less THC. The cannabis growers often avoid that process. During this week, people increase the use of flowering nutrients in order to help the plants get a good harvest. It is important to provide adequate quantities of nutrients to help the plants. It should not be added excessively.

It is during the third week when the real buds show up and start developing. The plants absorb more nutrients, so you should continue feeding them.  The plants stop growing during the fourth week, so they use all the energy on the buds growing. The buds become bigger and thicker through days. They often continue their process some weeks more until they change their color, which states the harvest time is near. Sometimes, the flowering phase can take until eight weeks.

Methods to grow bigger buds outdoors

To get bigger buds outdoors, it is necessary to provide the plants all the conditions they need to grow. The sunlight has an essential role to help the plants grow in excellent conditions. These plants often need a warm temperature from their first stage. But if they are grown outdoors, they have access to direct sunlight and fresh air, which make them develop successfully.

Another relevant aspect is feeding the plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. In the beginning, the plants take some nutrients from the soil, but later people use fertilizers to encourage them to grow. They require nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. This is a good combination to make them develop roots, stems and enough leaves. People can use those fertilizers targeted at cannabis plants since they have all the nutrients these plants need.

Some growers claim that the best option to get fat and juicy buds are taking care of them during the flowering stage. The plants use a lot of energy, so they need to get special flowering nutrients to contribute with their work and also make the buds grow.  While many buds get bigger, others cannot grow in the same way. It is possible to help them to improve their size. There are some alternatives to make these buds grow bigger outdoors.

One of these methods is called pruning. This is a technique used to improve the yield. It consists in removing the useless or small buds to help the other buds grow bigger outdoors. This method can guarantee bigger and better buds because they can receive more energy and light to help them develop more.

Another technique is called low-stress training. It consists in manipulating the plants to grow wider and not so tall. In this case, you do not need any cutting. People train the plants to grow in a way, which allows them to look for more light. It is often practiced during the first stages of the plants. It could be helpful to improve the cannabis harvest.

To grow bigger buds outdoors the cannabis plants have to receive the best temperature conditions from the beginning. They should get the appropriate sunlight hours daily. They also need to receive the necessary nutrients to grow and produce a good yield. Moreover, these plants need particular care and maintenance. They should be protected from diseases, animals and any other possible problems. People have to evaluate the development of the plants from the beginning to the last stage to make certain they produce the best yield possible.

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