Ginger is a very beautiful herbaceous plant. People commonly grow ginger outdoors and they sometimes use their gardens. This herb is regularly grown in tropical locations, such as The Caribbean, India, Africa, China, and other places. Its roots are considered as a spice used with different purposes like cooking, flavoring, and even traditional medicine. Among its healing properties, it can be used as an efficient anti-inflammatory; it is also useful for lessening belly pain, upset stomach and it may help with the digestive process. People trust this plant and that is why many of them prefer having ginger at home

Is it a good idea to grow ginger outdoors?

It should not be a problem growing ginger in outer spaces because it is a plant which often grows in warm climates. It is an annual plant, which grows horizontally and its rhizomes are brown. It has a spicy flavor. Ginger plants need moderate sunlight or warm conditions, rich and moist soil, and also some fertilizers can be added to help with their growth. Some people use a special compost, instead of other fertilizers, particularly when they are cultivating ginger at home and not as big plantations. Now, let us explain how you can grow ginger outdoors.

First, you need to get some ginger rhizomes and look for the appropriate soil to grow them. You can cut these rhizomes in little pieces or just plant them as a whole thing. Also, you may wait until the new buds appear or when they are about to do it before planting your rhizomes. Once you see the first buds, you can plant them horizontally, and it is advisable to put your ginger roots five centimeters deep in the chosen place.

If you want to plant the rhizomes directly in the ground and not in pots as many people do, you can do it and in this case, you may plant them five to ten centimeters deep. Although they need a humid soil, you cannot over water them. They should not be exposed to the sun directly either, and this care let the new buds grow successfully. It is a plant, which grows slower than others, so it may be surrounded or overgrown by other plants. As general care, it is necessary to remove weeds to contribute with the ginger plants growing.

During the first growth stage of ginger plants, it is necessary to keep them with the appropriate humidity. Wind and extreme cold are harmful to these plants because it can damage their leaves and stop their growth. They require several months to reach their complete harvest, so you need to wait until these plants get their maturity. It often lasts about ten months, though sometimes is a little less. They should not be more time under the ground because the roots become more fibrous.

People know the harvest is ready because the plants’ leaves start changing their color. They turn yellow until they wither completely. When that happens, you can dig up the whole plant in order to take the ginger roots. Once you have taken them, you can separate some good ginger rhizomes to begin a new plantation. If you do it immediately, you will not have to hydrate them with water. You only have to leave those on the ground, until the weather is warm again and the buds start growing. The rest of the harvest can be sold or used at home.

As explained before, it is possible to grow ginger outdoors in gardens, pots, and also in extensive lands if the purpose is having a large plantation. There are some people, who have many ginger plants and when is time for the harvest, they leave some roots under the ground so that they can grow again by themselves. That happens, of course, when the weather conditions are suitable to begin a new stage.

In those places with different seasons a year, it is better to plant ginger at the beginning of spring because it takes certain time under the ground to germinate. Another option is planting them indoors since ginger is a tropical plant and cannot grow if the weather is very cold. It does not mean, you cannot grow ginger outdoors if you live in a seasonal place, but you have to choose the best season and be aware of the particular care you should provide them. The harvest is ready during winter. Maybe, their roots do not grow as in warm places, but these plants are also aromatic and beautiful.

Why is ginger so important for people?

This herbaceous plant is so beneficial for people and that encourages them to grow ginger outdoors and even indoors. At the beginning of this article, some of its benefits were mentioned. Now, let us see other common uses. People can prepare ginger tea, ginger candy or cookies. Also, it can be used to flavor beverages, and even there are some recipes, which include ginger as an ingredient. You can prepare chicken, meat, fish, salad, or soup adding a little of ginger.

It is very common to find medicine for the flu, whose main ingredient is ginger. It is also used for a cold, a cough, and even for a sore throat. Ginger may be used as a diuretic. It has some anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and that is why it is useful in case of painful periods an upset stomach. Furthermore, it may help when you have problems digesting food and they cause heartburn. Ginger’s consumption improves the body’s metabolism and blood flow.

As ginger roots are so favorable in different ways, they have been used for many years in diverse places. You can find them in markets either dried, powdered or fresh if you do not want to plant them. If you just need ginger for cooking or medicine and you buy fresh roots in the supermarket, you should put them inside a plastic bag and keep them in the refrigerator until you use them.

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