The reasons why people decide to grow marijuana outdoors can be different. Some of these growers are in locations where there are optimal climate conditions. Marijuana plants grow better in tropical places, which can provide them with warm weather, fresh air, and the sunlight. These plants cannot grow as fast as the plants grown indoors, which are controlled from the beginning of their lifecycle.  Continue reading to know more about these reasons and some tips to grow marijuana outdoors.

Reasons to grow marijuana outdoors

Marijuana is another name to the cannabis plant. This plant has been used for several purposes, such as medicinal and recreational ones. There are many places, where its consumption is allowed. In some countries, it is acceptable only as medicine, but there are others that let people consume it in small quantities as enjoyment. In some places, marijuana plants are used to help people deal with depression and anxiety. They should receive a prescription stating the quantity they need. It is also used to treat painful cases, like arthritis. Even, cannabis plants can be used as part of cancer and sclerosis treatment.

Growing marijuana outdoors has some advantages for growers. Now, let us explain some of these strong points:

  1. – This growing way is cheaper than indoors growing.
  2. – The plants can receive some humidity and nutrients from the soil. The quantity of water and fertilizers could be less, particularly if the places are rich in water and nutrients.
  3. – People do not have to prepare a place with lighting or ventilation system. To grow marijuana outdoors is a good decision because these plants receive the sunlight and enough fresh air to get a great yield.
  4. – Marijuana plants can grow more, which often produces a better yield. That is, these plants have more space to extend.
  5. – Expensive equipment is not necessary. Although it not necessary, there are some growers who invest in improving the land conditions in order to get a great harvest.

Choosing a good place to grow marijuana outdoors

At the moment of planning a project cultivating cannabis plant, it is normal to worry about a suitable place to grow marijuana outdoors. There are diverse options, but this decision may be affected by several factors as well. Some of these factors are the number of plants you want to sow, the place where you live, the possible legal restrictions, and even the land you own. An option could be a garden, a backyard, or better in a larger area people have. Depending on the place people choose, they can continue with the other steps.

If people select to grow marijuana outdoors in their gardens, it is better to start using the germination method. This way can guarantee a great beginning. People have to look for pots or bags to put the marijuana seeds. Also, they should be certain about having enough space to keep the plant pots in the gardens. Keep in mind, these plants require the sunlight and good temperature levels as well.

In case of choosing a bigger area, people should be sure about the kind of soil to be used. Cannabis plants grow better in a rich soil. Also, growers have to decide if they will use the germination method, or whether they will sow the seeds directly in the ground. If they decide to plant marijuana seeds directly, they need to be certain the soil has the necessary moisture to help such seeds germinate and start developing their roots.

Tips to grow marijuana outdoors

Marijuana is a plant, which is adaptable to be grown either outdoors or indoors. Of course, there are some differences in both growing ways. Outdoor growing needs to be planned, though it is not so controlled as the other way.   It is known that sowing cannabis plants indoors requires special care from the beginning to the last stage of their lifecycle. Even, people can control their growth, so they do not get as big as the outdoor growing plants. Now, these are some useful tips for people, who want to grow marijuana outdoors:

  1. – Look for a suitable place to start your growing.
  2. – Decide if you will use the germination method or direct sowing in the ground.
  3. – If you want to germinate the seeds first, look for pots or bags to put the marijuana seeds. These containers should have the appropriate soil and humidity to encourage the seeds to become seedlings.
  4. – Once you have the seedlings, proceed to plant them in bigger pots or in the ground you have chosen to carry out the growing.
  5. – When the new plants start growing, you should be certain these have the most soil and warm conditions. At this stage, these plants do not need to be watered so often. They only need the necessary humidity to grow and develop their roots, stems, and leaves.
  6. – After some weeks growing, they may need some nutrients, so you can add some fertilizers. You can use compost or the ones targeted at cannabis plants. Again, you have to be careful with the quantity you use, because you may damage the plants.
  7. – Water the marijuana plants regularly, but do not overwater them. It is harmful to the plants.
  8. – Be patient. You have to wait the necessary time to get the marijuana harvest. When growing marijuana outdoors, it usually lasts about five months.

Although growing marijuana outdoors often provides great yields, this growing way can have some disadvantages as well. It is more difficult to detect pest, fungi and other diseases. Also, some animals can destroy the plants. They can be found by other people, and even destroyed by natural disasters. Another downside is that people often get only one harvest a year because this process lasts more time than the plants grown indoors. Despite these disadvantages, people continue growing cannabis outdoors, since they can get excellent harvests.

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