Through the following article certain useful steps are mentioned to grow cannabis or grow marijuana outside. This plant can grow by itself in tropical areas around the world and it is possibly known by many people due to diverse reasons, such as its medicinal properties, its legal and illegal consumption, or simply general information, but maybe they know just a little about its cultivation, which is not a new activity. It dates back many years according to some records found in China and it is also thought marijuana comes from Asia, specifically India.

Grow marijuana outside

Nowadays, there are different countries where marijuana is used legally, particularly for medicinal purposes, though it is also used for enjoyment. Some of these places are Holland, Canada, Switzerland, Jamaica, Mexico, and some parts of The United States of America like Colorado for instance, among others. It provides many benefits such as reducing chronic pain like arthritis, slow the Alzheimer’s disease advance, and even decrease anxiety. It is necessary to clarify it has to be a moderate consumption because it may be very harmful to people who abuse using marijuana. For that reason, there are some controversies; some of them are in favor, but others are against its use.

Despite these arguments, many people from different places grow marijuana outside. Some of them choose outer space where this plant can receive the sunlight. It is important to mention the weather condition is a key factor for cultivating cannabis. If people decide to grow it during winter, they look for alternatives to protect the seeds from dying due to the extreme cold and humidity. Another essential element when growing this plant is water and it has to be just the necessary quantity because if you water it excessively, the plant can die off and it could be more harmful when the plants are very small.

To Grow marijuana outside has a procedure to follow. Cannabis is a fragile plant, so it needs special care, hot or warm weather, water, and other nutrients to reach its yield as explained previously. It is usually about two or three meters high and it requires a certain time and the suitable conditions to get its complete development. Now, let us describe its diverse stages from the beginning to the end of its cycle:

  1. – The main stage is germination. It consists on taking seeds to develop into new plants. People often use a plant pot to put them. These seeds need optimal temperature conditions and humidity; they absorb water and the necessary oxygen. This process lasts between two or seven days and during that period the seeds get bigger and start opening to become little plants.

It is relevant to state that some people who cultivate cannabis prefer preparing the soil and growing the seeds directly instead of using the germination alternative. In this case, they plant the seeds under the soil chosen to carry out the sowing and begin to irrigate the land carefully until the new plants appear. This is a risky decision and that is why other people prefer to germinate the seeds first in pots and then move them to the land.

Sometimes, when the seeds are put immediately under the ground some of them do not succeed as expected. Moreover, in some places, the seeds are very expensive and these growers prefer to be certain the process starts in excellent conditions using germination before the final plantation.

  1. – The second phase begins when the seeds become plants and start growing. They receive the name of seedlings and these need to be observed cautiously even before developing their first leaves. Also, their roots start developing, though they are very fragile at the beginning. At this stage, the growers have to keep an eye on their growth daily. These new plants need nutrients, the sunlight and the appropriate quantity of water. It is advisable to put just a little water since their stems and new leaves are weak and they can be destroyed when watering them. They may even survive with humidity.

This stage is very important since the plants begin developing their roots, leaves, and stems. The roots are used to look for nutrients, and water and that is why is essential to add just a little in order to make them develop enough roots to use when they are transplanted to the soil. This phase lasts some weeks, possibly between three and five weeks.

  1. – Once the seedlings have developed enough growth and strong roots, they are ready to start a new stage. It is time to leave the small plant pots to be transplanted to bigger ones or the ground. They continue growing and their roots get bigger and stronger, so they require more water and nutrients consumption. Some of these nutrients are potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, among others. An excellent development of the cannabis plants guarantees a good harvest.
  2. – After the marijuana plants get their development, it is time to begin the blooming stage. This is part of the annual process these plants have to go through. When the flowering is complete the reproduction period starts. It happens once the female flowers receive the pollen from the male ones. The female ones are pollinated when pollen falls into the female’s pistils, which lead such pollen to their ovules. To complete their cycle, the female flowers produce new seeds; when these seeds get their ripeness, the flowers fade and die. The male ones die when their pollen is over.

As noticed through the stages explained above, these plants need to have a satisfactory development from the beginning until completing their cycle. Every step the growers take is fundamental to succeed when grow marijuana outside and even the result depends on such a practice. It is not an easy activity, but with the proper care, fertilizers, water, and the required nutrients the marijuana plants may provide an excellent harvest for those people who decide to cultivate them.

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