Pot is another way to refer to the cannabis plant, though it is considered as an old-fashioned term today. If you want to grow pot outdoors, you need to have certain knowledge about this plant. The first thing you have to know is that there are diverse names when talking about cannabis. Pot is not a frequent name now, so you can hear other like weed, marijuana, grass, dope, among others. Also, you should get some information about the plants during all its phases: the beginning, the growing, flowering, and the harvest phase. Through this article, and will find some details describing each one of these stages.

Phases to grow pot outdoors

Pot plants need to go through several stages until producing the expected harvest. To succeed during each phase, these plants need some particular conditions especial care and maintenance. Growers have to provide what the plants need to grow pot outdoors. They have to be certain about the appropriate locations, the weather conditions, the necessary nutrients, the growing time, the required care, the harvest pick up time, among other relevant aspects. To have a clear idea about this, let us describe the diverse stages:

  1. Seedlings:

The first stage to grow pot outdoors is getting the seedlings. But, how can we get them? First, you have to look for good seeds. You can get them from previous harvests or you can go to some places, which sell marijuana seeds to be planted. Some people consider that many of these seeds have received the best attention possible to succeed during the germination phase. It means it could be a good investment.

Then, you have to look for some containers to put the seeds. Before that, it is better to select a good soil and moisten it as well. Wait for some days until the seedlings begin to show up. Sometimes, the germination phase lasts five days or more. It is better to leave the seeds in a quiet place and avoid touching them during that phase. After some days, the first root starts emerging and then others emerge from that main root. Then, the first leaf appears and so do the others.

During this period, the new seedlings are very fragile, so these need extraordinary care to avoid mistreating them. Once the seedlings are ready, you have to decide where to plant them. It could be bigger pots or directly in the ground. It is better to wait some weeks before transplanting them. Remember, these new plants need to adapt to the new places.

  1. Growing stage:

Once you have chosen a location to grow pot outdoors, you need to provide them with all the appropriate conditions to grow successfully. These plants need a humid soil, especially at the beginning of their growth phase. It cannot be too much moisture to make them develop enough roots. They use the roots to look for water and other nutrients, so they should not be overwatered to encourage them to grow.

Another relevant factor is the sunlight. When we grow pot outdoors, you have to be certain they receive enough sunlight. Growers recommend about five or six hours a day. If the plants are in pots in the garden or in a terrace, you have to make them get the sunlight they need. Maybe, you can move them when the sunlight is better, at midday for example. When the plants are grown in larger areas, they can receive it directly, though it is necessary to check the ground to determine if the soil is dry or not.

It is necessary to water the plants regularly to help them keep the balance they need to thrive.  As explained before, overwatering pot plants may be harmful to them causing mold or other problems. They are susceptible to extreme weather conditions, so they require a balance to grow in an excellent way. They cannot develop completely if they are affected by extreme cold or heat. They grow better if the climate condition is warm.

  1. Flowering stage:

This is a very important stage of the pot plants. At this point, the plants often stop growing and use all their energy in producing their buds. It depends on the cannabis strains you have chosen. For instance, some of them stretch more during that transition period, but others stop their growth. It is advisable to continue giving their nutrients at least a week more once the flowering stage begins.

During the second week of this stage, the first white pistils appear on the female plants. They look like fine white hair and these pistils become buds later. It does not happen if the pot plants are male. They produce pollen sacs instead. This pollen is used to pollinate the females, which make them produce seeds and this is something that growers usually avoid. During the third week, the real buds start showing up, so the plants use more energy growing the flowers.

During the fifth week, the buds are bigger and thicker. Also, the pot plants become fatter and have a strong odor. Some of the white pistils begin changing their color into brown, which state the plants are about to get to the harvest.

  1. Harvest stage:

When the sixty or seventy percent of the hairs have turned dark, people can get the harvest. With that percentage, it produces higher levels of THC. But if you want to get a harvest with fewer levels of THC, like for relaxing, the pistils have to turn dark about seventy or ninety percent. People use some techniques to retire the harvest, but it depends on the strains of the cannabis plants and the kind of effect they expect from the harvest.

To summarize, grow pot outside can give people excellent harvests, but this is the result of carrying out a good plan to help the outdoor plants get all the necessary nutrients, the appropriate conditions and the suitable care to grow successfully and produce a great yield.

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