There are many articles, which state how to grow weed indoors or outdoors, but what does weed mean? Weed is another common term people use to refer to the cannabis plant. It receives many names according to the places or the context itself, formal or informal settings.  For instance, some people name it as pot, grass, weed, marijuana, etc. Although it is known by different ways, these names are connected to greenish or green color. If people are planning to grow this plant indoors and they have very little knowledge, this article can help with some relevant information.

Basic information before you grow weed indoors

Some basic information about weed should be known before growing this plant indoors in order to avoid future mistakes. Let us begin with its origin. Weed plants are usually grown in tropical locations. Some of these places are Asia and South America. It is thought these plants come from India. It is important to state that there are different types of cannabis plants. The most common ones are sativa, indica, and ruderalis.

Cannabis sativa plants have large leaves and can grow some meters high, approximately three or four meters. When people hear about marijuana or weed, they usually think about sativa plants due to their leaves shape. On the other hand, we have cannabis indica strains. These ones tend to be smaller than the first ones. Also, their leaves are smaller. They are commonly grown in India and they are often used for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis ruderalis strains are often planted in Russia and Siberia. These plants are usually smaller than the other cannabis plants. These can be crossed with sativa and indica strains and that crossbreeding produces new plants with different features, such as these can flower automatically and complete their maturity in ten weeks. Ruderalis strains are rarely used for recreational purposes. These are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, these plants are used for treating depression, anxiety, and even epilepsy. As they have a higher concentration of CBD, cannabidiol, some people use these as part of sclerosis or cancer treatment.

This plant can be grown either outdoors or indoors. It depends on several factors. For instance, some kinds of cannabis usually grow a lot. They can reach three or four meters and these are often grown outdoors. An example of this is the cannabis sativa plant, which is common in South America. Another factor is the purpose itself. That is if it is a small or a big project. Some people sow just a few plants because it is for their own consumption, but there are other people who grow weed indoors or outside as part of a big project. Depending on the quantity, they look for the appropriate land and growing way.

Tips to grow weed indoors

As beginners in this growing way, people should have a clear idea about their future project. It is very important to be certain about the reasons why they want to begin growing weed indoors and also the number of plants they have in mind. Once people have a firm plan, they can start. There are diverse aspects to take into account when working on such an activity. Continue reading for getting some useful advice about the place, temperature, and other particular conditions:

  1. Place: The place chosen to carry out the weed growing need to be arranged according to the number of plants. These need enough space to grow properly and they also require a certain distance from the lighting system selected. That is, to avoid overheating or burning these in worse cases.
  2. Lighting: It is essential to set a proper lighting system to provide these plants with a warm environment. There are different options like LED or HID lights. Light emitting diode technology is more expensive than high-intensity discharge. You can use lamps or light bulbs depending on the type of system you decide to use. Another relevant aspect about HID lights is that they also need a reflector for each light.
  3. Temperature: To have a suitable temperature is also significant. That is why the place also needs fans to keep a balance inside. It depends on the kind of lighting system used in the place, which can produce too much heat indoors. The fans function is exactly taking the heat out and spread cool air toward the floor. The idea is keeping a warm environment to encourage the weed plants to thrive.
  4. Seedlings: Once you have prepared the infrastructure with all the necessary conditions it is time to start growing weed indoors. Choose for pot plants to make the seeds germinate. This stage lasts about five days or even seven days. When the seedlings are ready, they require special care to grow and develop the plant´s roots. At this stage, these seedlings need a moist soil, so you must not water them excessively. The idea is developing stems, leaves, and roots. Remember, the roots get bigger and bigger when the plants look for nutrients and water. If they have a lot of water, they do not force themselves to develop enough roots.
  5. Fertilizers: To grow weed indoors require the help of fertilizers to contribute with their complete development. There are some special fertilizers for these plants. But if you are a beginner, you can use the organic ones to avoid mistakes. Another thing you should avoid is using these fertilizers in an excessive way.
  6. Harvest time: The harvest has to be picked up when the plants reach their whole stages. The weed plants yield lasts about three months. The first month is for their growing phase and the other two for their flowering cycle.

To grow weed indoors has some advantages as well. It is a controlled activity, so is easier to detect when there is something wrong like pest, fungi, and even lack or excess of water and fertilizers.  Moreover, the plants growing can also be controlled.

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