To grow weed outdoors is considered an easier activity. This appreciation is given by some people, who compare this with indoor growing. This last one is often an expensive and controlled practice. They have to create all the necessary conditions to get a successful yield, while outdoor growing often receives these conditions directly from the environment. Obviously, they need to create a plan to accomplish positively their outdoor growing. Through this article, some advice about this growing way will be given.

Some information before grow weed outdoors

Weed plants can be grown either indoors or outdoors. These plants are probably from Asia. Weed is just another term people use to refer to the cannabis plants. They develop better in tropical conditions and that is why they are very popular in Asia and South America. To decide if you want to plant them outdoors or indoors, you should know some information about cannabis plants. These have diverse strains, such as sativa, indica and ruderalis.

These strains have different characteristics. Sativa plants are usually grown outdoors and they tend to be high with large leaves. Indica strains are shorter and their leaves are wide. These are popular in India and Pakistan. Indica plants are often used for medicinal purposes. The ruderalis type is different and tends to be smaller than the other strains. It does not require any specific lighting cycle to start flowering and it is common in Russia and Siberia.

For growing weed outdoors, people should know some information about the care and maintenance the plants need, the lighting cycle, watering, the appropriate fertilizers, the suitable temperature conditions, the harvest time, and everything about the plant`s stages till they produce the harvest. It is very important to know as much information as possible to avoid mistakes, which can affect the weed plants yield. When deciding to work on a project like this, it is better to make a good plan.

What people need to grow weed outdoors

When growing weed outdoors, people need to follow a plan. This plan should have some steps to be accomplished successfully:

  1. – First of all, choose the seeds to start grow weed outdoors.
  2. – Then, it is time to begin the germination period. Look for some pots to put the seeds. At this stage, the seeds need humidity. It lasts some days, until the first root show up.
  3. – After that, find the suitable place to move the seedlings. This place could be a garden or a yard. Maybe, people could use a bigger area. But, the seedlings should be taken carefully because they are very fragile.

4. – Once the seedlings are in the selected place, check their

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