Best Marijuana Strains

Best Marijuana Strains

An essential part of growing your own weed is the choice of a type of cannabis. Each species has its own characteristics that determine how the plant grows, tastes, flowers and much more. There are literally hundreds of types of cannabis to choose from, but almost all of them consist of part of the two largest primary species: sativas or indica. We begging this Best Marijuana Strains list with:

Auto Cinderella Jack

One of the strongest THC-rich cars we’ve seen so far. Auto Cinderella Jack is a feminized self-variant that was made together with Spanish Buddha Seeds. The genetic parents were selected exclusively at the THC level.

The project began with crosses between Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. The genes of the cars come from the Magnum line, so you can be sure of crops above the average. With THC levels above 20%, this is one of the most powerful car variants available today.

Auto-Colorado Cookies

Strong genetics, dominant in Auto-Fem, Colorado.   Auto-Colorado Cookies is a variety of US Auto-Fem. UU that combines a delicious fruity flavor with the power to which he is accustomed of Dutch-Passion, with harvests above the average.

The genetics come from an original, hugely popular, Auto-Blueberry and an exceptional clone of “Girl Scout Cookie” from Colorado, known for its heavy indica stone with a sweet tropical mango flavor.
The cross has retained the very fruity aroma, as well as the intense ‘, feel good’ of the ‘ Girl Scout Cookie’.   The freedom to grow without restrictions in Colorado has ensured that an excellent genetics has appeared with incredible flavor, aroma, and potency.   This variety is very suitable for growers looking for a powerful genetics of EE. UU With fruity flavors and relaxed effects.

Berry Delight

Berry Delight has the delicious taste of Blueberry and has been improved in several ways when crossing Northern Lights. For example, Green Label has managed to generate a type of knowledge with excellent performance and good vigor and vitality.
Berry Delight would be of great medical value and would be applied as a relaxant, against nervousness, pain, nausea and lack of appetite.

White Widow

White Widow is a plant very famous in the world. Paradise Seeds has the original female clone and the great WW selected since 1996.

Working with unemployment benefits in some of your crosses always turns out to be a good option that improves quality. The plant is uniform in its growth pattern: very consistent and powerful. It forms a large, compact tail with a lot of resin.


The AK-49 Auto is the auto-flowering variety View Seeds of one of the most powerful varieties in the market. This cross between the AK-49 and Lowryder has resulted in a stable and robust auto-flowering strain in which all the desired character traits of the AK-49 are preserved.

The AK-49 Auto produces resinous weed plants with compact buds full of bristles and shiny trichomes. She has a spicy aroma that skunks Skunk with a sweet and colorful flavor and does not compromise with the AK-49 itself, has a strong psychoactive effect that produces a euphoric and extremely stimulating effect.

By introducing the automatic genes Lowryder, Vision Seeds now has a powerful and proud auto-flowering variety that makes it practically anywhere. The AK-49 Auto is suitable for interiors, exteriors, greenhouses, and hydroponics. When choosing a location and the equipment to use, keep in mind that the AK-49 Auto emits an acrid odor that will be clearly present.

The AK-49 Auto is one of the most powerful auto-flowering varieties currently available in the market and also has the potential to offer significantly better yields in the right conditions than the average of other auto-flowering varieties.

Formerly known as AK-47 Auto; the seeds are exactly the same, only the name has been changed.

Auto Acid

We continue with Auto acid weed, like part of this Best Marijuana Strains list. It’s a diesel hybrid auto-flowering created by selecting and traversing through multiple generations.   The result is a powerful plant, which is longer than most auto-flower plants.
After the third week, the plant forms mainly thick and dense spirals, it is a sticky and aromatic herb.   The flavors are quite acid and intense for an auto-flowering.

Auto White

This species blooms quickly, but the effect is very powerful. Very indicated for novice growers.
As with most auto-flowering species, 18 or 20 hours of light per day are recommended (for indoor growing) to achieve optimal results. During the last phase of flowering, the plants diffuse a pleasantly fresh and sour aroma.

The smoke of Auto White is soft in the throat and the high is exciting.

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise

Auto-Brooklyn Sunrise of Dutch Passion combines a distinctive and spicy flavor with excellent cannabis crops rich in high-quality resin. The genetics comes from a so-called clone of the east coast of the USA. UU ‘Brooklyn’, which is known for its rich diesel aroma and its great intensity.
This clone was crossed with the knowledgeable genetics of the “Upper New York State” and this is an Auto-Fem version. The result brings together the best genetics of the East Coast in a very tasteful Auto-Fem with a strong but pleasant high.

At first, Auto-Brooklyn Sunrise offers an unexpectedly high euphoria and is a pleasant morning variety for breakfast. This is where the name comes from. This AutoFem ‘Big Apple’ feels at home in all urban growth spaces and comes with the highest recommendation.

BNC Critical Xxl Auto

Let’s finish this selection of the Best Marijuana Strains with one of the most productive caries of SeedStockers. BCN Critical XXL Auto-flower is a strong smoker with THC values of 22% and more.
This legendary genetics is reliable and offers, again and again, good harvests and strong weeds. This is a known type of car you can count on. In and out of this variety it takes about 75 days to germinate from germination. Inside, this species does its best with 20 to 24 hours of light per day from start to finish.
The buds are thicker than normal, are covered with a white sticky layer and have a strong typical critical smell reminiscent of citrus. Very easy to grow with good yields and, ultimately, fantastic smoke.

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Best kush weed

Best kush weed

Below we bring you a wide selection of the best kush weed, which we consider important that you know if you are interested in acquiring any variety at some time, either by consumption or by cultivation.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a good example of powerful American genetics. Gorilla Glue is the result of a crossing with Chem’s Sisterm, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Another special VS variety, which most breeders have tasted, is undoubtedly one of the many variations of OG Kush. With its characteristic flavor and mysterious origins, this variety has already made much room in growth.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is, of course, extremely strong, very productive and its taste is powerful and unique;   Sweet and fruity with a hint of lemon.   A delicacy created with the best strains from Europe and the United States.

OG Reek’n

In a competitive market, the feminized OG Reek’n has conquered a place as a reliable and powerful species. In terms of growth, it looks like Rollex OG Kush. OG Reek’n has many sativa characteristics although it is dominant in indica.

OG Reek’n is a long and wide plant that lends itself to the SCROG method and the most traditional methods of reproduction. The plant is easy to use with both methods. Good advice for the novice grower: make sure you have enough space because, in the end, the OG Reek’n will bend in length. When you keep it small, you get better performance.

Kush Cookies

Continuing with our ‘‘Best Kush Weed’’ list. Now we go with Kush Cookies was developed by the Barney’s team Farm Seeds for the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014. An unusual mixture of sophisticated genetics. Kush Cookies is a cross between the famous Girl Scouts Cookies with the unique and only Rolex Kush. This is a powerful and very animated Indica plant, which produces a lot of beautiful Kush buds. Blooms indoors in just 8 weeks.

Cookies Kush is the winner of the High Times 2014 in the “Best variety of coffee shop” category.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a type of grass that reminds us of the color of wild berries with their purple and green tones.

This is a 70% purple hybrid with resinous buds that immediately grab attention. Spend a while before you can taste its sweet and spicy flavor, but when you can see its amethyst color and intense brightness, it will soon become the jewel of your garden.

This plant does not need much care and grows easily with small amounts of vegetable food. If you give too many nutrients, it will be immediately visible to the small spots that appear on its leaves. The plant has a purple color, which is best seen in its resin filled buds.
Purple Kush gives it a calming effect. The plant is predominantly Indica and gives you a relaxing buzz that does not interfere with your daily activities. Purple Kush takes good care of you.

The Amnesia

The Amnesia combines the genetics of the famous Dutch Amnesia Haze with an extremely powerful Kush variety. Called this way by Los Angeles, this celestial type fits perfectly with the City of Angels.

Amnesia is a fruity energy strain with a genetic code that has its roots in Jamaica and South Asia, and that hardly needs the introduction of experienced cannabis fanatics.

This species pampers the grower with the best of both worlds. It has a typical citrus / earthy / hazelnut flavor, full of terpenes, which will be popular with real connoisseurs, where extraordinary power will impress those who prefer extreme punishment. With a THC content of 20-24%, everything revolves around the power; this plant guarantees a high intensity that produces mental energy and maximum physical relaxation!

AK Choco Kush

With AK Choco Kush, Amsterdam Genetics modernizes the very powerful and world-famous AK-47, combining the original power with a sweeter taste and smell. A wonderful combination of the old and the new.

Crossing these two fantastic plants resulted in the replacement of the spicy flavors of AK-47 with the extremely sweet and intoxicating aroma and flavor of Choco Kush.
This species grows very fast and produces long plants with dense buds and magnificent THC crystals.

8 Ball Kush

Finds its origin in the Afghan / Pakistani mountainous areas. 8-Ball is the result of years of selective endogamy. Very easy to grow and manicure, and guarantees good performance, even in less favorable conditions. Ball 8 is still small and has broad, dark green leaves with dense buds and thick stems. The smoke has a moldy and earthy flavor. Ideal for SOG and ScrOG configurations.

Auto-Blackberry Kush

Finishing with the Best Kush Weed list; Auto-blackberry is an automatic cross between the classic Dutch Passion Blueberry and a dark and resinous kush hash plant from our gene bank. Auto-Blackberry Kush has been presented as a premium Indica with a firm body stone, combined with a fresh and fruity Kush flavor. Blueberry can often, but not always, dominate the characteristics of kush, with a sweet and fruity influence, combined with the powerful and earthy Indica Kush contribution.

Auto-Blackberry Kush grows very vigorously, with a strong main flowering and with many lateral branches that are characteristic of an Auto-fem Indica. Most plants will show color in the leaves/buds at the time of harvest, and hard, compact buds sometimes develop very dark tones.

Auto-Blackberry Kush usually has a height of between 75 centimeters and 1 meter and can be harvested after about ten weeks after germination if a light cycle of 20/4 has been used. Auto-Blackberry Kush will especially appeal to growers who are looking for high-quality genetics to produce extra sticky and luxurious crops with a very powerful body stone. This visually automatic Kush will produce high-quality effects, a great flavor, and a delicious aroma. An excellent new automatic Kush that has it all. Highly recommended

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Best indica strains

Best indica strains

Indica is often used in the treatment of nervousness, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. Indica species are also used to treat epileptic seizures, migraine attacks, and headaches in a medical way and to relieve stress. Indica plants can be recognized by their strong or sweet smell and pronounced flavor. This is how we begin our list of Best indica strains

Ice – Our Indica Champion

Our best and most striking Indica variety is ICE. ICE is in itself a suitable description for this plant with its aromatic buds rich in crystals, but in reality, ICE means Indica Crystal Extreme. This species produces an abundant and spectacular performance. Many growers opt for a ten-week growth period, but if they wish, they can harvest after eight weeks. ICE is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk, and although this variant gives a little less than some of its kind, with a yield of 55 to 65 grams per plant, the high and the taste make this more than good.

Blue Mystic – Fruity-Licious

Blue Mystic originated in the crossing of species from California and Oregon. This thick plant can grow up to 1 meter tall, but to maximize its harvest, we recommend cutting or trimming the plant buds and trimming them like a bonsai. Collect it for a sweet and fruity taste after about eight weeks, or wait until you have ten weeks to reach a higher level.

Northern Light – Starry, Starry Night

Northern Lights is one of the favorites in the world among connoisseurs and growers. Although the precise genetics of Northern are not known Lights, experts believe that the species is the result of a cross between 11 different variants. Current variants of Northern Lights are still predominantly Indica, with a specific, subtle flavor and a spiritual, languid high to hang on the sofa.

Special Kush # 1 – Tasty Nugs

Our Special Kush 1 is the perfect choice for novice growers. Special Kush plants can grow up to 3 meters high and adore a warm outdoor climate. Our seeds Special Kush 1 produces small, compact buds that have a physical effect, comparable to that of a hashish.

Somango Xl – Pacific Clarity

Somango XL, also known as “the beast”, offers you the perfect maxim to attract your creativity and inspiration. This fruity strain gives high energy and is described by connoisseurs as Pacific

Clarity. With Somango XL you will never feel tired or slow again.

Bubble Kush – Big Bubba

Our sweet Bubble Kush is a sativa hybrid with Indica predominance, with a THC content of 19 percent. This perfect combination gives you a feeling of relaxing and natural happiness as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble seeds Kush grow on plants up to 140 cm if you grow them indoors and 200 cm if you grow them outdoors.

Speedy Chile Express – Fast Performance

Our Speedy Chile Express is an automatic flowering hybrid, a cross between Chile Indica and our extraordinary Green Poison, thanks to the dominant properties of the Indica, you remain in a light mist, but at the same time you are alert and focused. Sativa tones provide great physical sensitivity, while you stay attentive – perfect for anyone who blows during the day.

Piña Kush – A Tropical Beauty

As a descendant of OG Kush, the Pineapple Kush combines the power of the Orignal Gansta with a pleasant aroma and sweet taste. You can also distinguish a touch of caramel and vanilla, naturally in combination with pineapple. The high works mainly in your mind and is not as physical as that of your predecessor, OG Kush.

OG Kush – Original Farm

In our assortment, you will also find the popular OG Kush, world famous for its strength and distinctive flavor. THE OG Kush has a musty flavor, with an aroma and aftertaste that stays while you enjoy the high that works as hard in your body as in your mind.

Bubblegum Xl – Xl-Lent

The BubbleGum XL is one of our Best indica strains, with its genetics from Amsterdam. The upper parts of this variant are heavy and covered with resin, the taste is earthy and sweet.

Kiss (kannabia)

A very acclaimed strain in the United Kingdom. Because there is a huge demand for this and Kannabia is performing well in the British market, they decided to launch this variety as a tribute to the UK. A tasty plant that adapts well to different climates.

She grows rapidly in hydroponic systems. In this context, it can be harvested between seven and eight weeks, with a photoperiod of twelve hours.

Outside this plant can be harvested in the last week of September.
The kiss knows the familiar type of “cheese” (which in terms of taste has some cheese), with dark and burnt nuances.
Cheese (greenhouse)

This crossing of Skunk and Kush, from England, won the first prize in the Indica Cup HTCC 2006. It has an intense and very dominant musk odor. Give a drugged feeling with attacks of mental energy. The seeds are feminized, so all the plants will be female.
Shoreline (devil’s harvest)

The Shoreline is an old variety of Sensi Skunk that arrived in the USA UU., Where a Texas group chose the variety. Sometime later, after a Grateful concert dead at the Shoreline Amphitheater, the clone got its name and spread all over the world.

From what is known about the original Shoreline has disappeared for a long time, but gradually someone crossed a Shoreline with an Oasis to maintain tension.

This is one of the most malodorous strains in history and from Best indica strains. It has the strong smell of an old school skunk. What makes the variety unique is that the smell returns to the flavor. It is unusual to find a strain that has the same taste and smell.
The strip blooms in 8 weeks with an old skunk appearance. It may not be the most suitable for novice growers because it needs a lot of attention. She turns purple after 6 weeks and starts to smell.

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Best Bud Strains

Best Bud Strains

Now we give you a short list of the best Bud Strains that you should know if you are really interested in consuming it or grow it

Auto Frosty Bud

Auto Frosty Bud grows and blooms so fast, it’s magical!   In just 9 weeks, she will reward you abundantly with buds loaded with crystals, with a spicy flavor and a high and creative touch.

This species grows up to 45-50 centimeters in height.   Inside it grows better in pots of 6-9 liters.

Easy enough for beginners and productive enough for demanding producers (guerrillas): AFB is an excellent choice for any producer.

Auto Massive Bud

Auto Massive Bud shows all the characteristics of a predominantly Indica variety; It stays small to medium in size with compact and delicious buds. Did we mention that this gives some of the brot is bigger than you’ve seen?

A true expert in buds knows that he has to be patient. To form its large and firm buds, this strain needs about 60 days and outdoors about 75 days.

How do you know a big cocoon, questions? Well, the Auto Massive Bud is characterized by a sweet taste with a spicy touch. The effect is a strong and intense stoning; Durable and very relaxing.

It is in our list of the best Bud Strains because it is the perfect guy to hang out on the couch and experience the great jokes all day long.

Auto White

Auto White is an auto-flowering version of one of the most iconic species in history, White Widow. This species blooms quickly, but the effect is very powerful. Very indicated for novice growers.

As with most auto-flowering species, 18 or 20 hours of light per day are recommended (for indoor growing) to achieve optimal results. During the last phase of flowering, the plants diffuse a pleasantly fresh and sour scent.

The smoke of Auto White is soft in the throat and the high is exciting.

White Widow

White Widow is of average height and flowers in 8 to 9 weeks. We recommend not overcoming it so that all the energy goes to a central head. In this way, in a Sea of Green, you can achieve yields of up to 600 grams per square meter.

The effect of White Widow is balanced: a bright and exciting high combined with a soft and relaxing stone.

Skunk # 1

The species that changed the cannabis culture around the world continues to amaze marijuana lovers more than a quarter of a century after its release. The original Skunk crosses mixed traditional varieties from Central America and the South,

Afghanistan, and Thailand.

Through generations of intensive selection and backcrossing, the best examples of Skunk were stabilized in the first true Indica-Sativa cross, classical, dominantly predo Indica, Skunk # 1.
The potential of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that ‘ skunk ‘ is often used as a name for every powerful marijuana.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the result of years of selection and has already won several Cannabis Cups. It is undoubtedly one of the best varieties of cannabis in the world today.

This species is named after the well-known hemp activist, Jack Herer. Expect thick, shiny buds. It has a high energy, almost psychedelic.

Power plant

This variety (mainly Sativa) was developed in 1997 from new South African genetics. This species is only backcrossed, never hybridized and very rich in THC.

It is a plant with a huge growth potential. It provides a gigantic harvest both indoors and in the greenhouse. Indoors, flowering begins after one week, after the period of light has been reduced to 12 hours. On the outside, the flowering starts late, but the plant is ripe very quickly. This species is very uniform. Strong “high”, smokes very softly.

Big Bang

The Big Bang of Greenhouse is an auto-flowering plant very easy to grow, with an average size (60-100 cm) and an excellent production. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with a flowering time of 6 weeks. A plant that is very suitable for the beginner.

Where most of the auto-flowering species tend to be relatively small, Automatic Mega Bud proves that performance and auto-flowering genetics can go hand in hand.

Automatic Mega Bud

The automatic Mega Bud grows to a height of approximately 70 to 80 cm and can produce up to 180 grams per plant, as long as they obtain sufficient root space and light. It is an excellent species for the guerrillas who have a lot of space and want to limit the possibility of rotting through an early harvest.
The taste is mild and somewhat earthy, with a hint of citrus. The effect is present both physically and mentally and is of medium to long duration.


AutoMazar is the result of a cross between a fast variety Ruderalis / Indica and Mazar. This popular classic variety (winner of the triple prize) is praised for its power, high performance, and smooth taste. It produces large, thick buds, and grows to a height of 70 to 80 cm in the open field. The structure of this plant is typically Indica, a dense, dense plant with large leaves.

The yield is formidable and ranges between 50 and 125 grams per plant. Is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and outdoors ensures a superior early summer harvest. Stable genetics ensures that AutoMazar is resistant to fungi and diseases. This resinous species smokes very softly with an original earthy Indica taste. The intense “body-high” is very nice. This latest variety of AutoFem is a must for all Indica enthusiasts.

Frisian Dew

We finally finish this list of the best bud strains with the Frisian Dew; the light purple color (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), a special yield and a favorable stem/leaf ratio are characteristics of this hybrid. It is not susceptible to fungi and is a ‘full terrain’ variety with a very complete yield, with a soft “purple” aroma and a powerful high, a necessity for adult growers, especially in northern climates.

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Grow indoors

Many people decide to grow indoors based on several reasons. Through this article, some of these possible reasons are explained. But what is growing indoors exactly? This is a practice people accomplish at home or in close places, which are arranged with all the necessary equipment and system. This is often an expensive activity, particularly in case of having bigger projects. Some people decide to have their own herbs or plants, and growing indoors is a good option. In this case, this practice is not so expensive because you can look for a good place at home and even you can take advantage of the direct sunlight.

Reasons to grow indoors

People choose to grow indoors due to several reasons. Some of them consider this growing way as a successful and less risky activity. Now, let us show some details about these reasons:

  1. The weather conditions: There are some countries where the weather changes according to the four seasons. Some plants are adaptable to those variations, but others are not. Considering this, people decide to grow the plants they want using indoor growing. This is a controlled practice, which is able to provide the suitable temperature conditions the plants need to grow. Furthermore, they are protected from extreme weather variations, like cold and heat.
  2. Residence with reduces space: Another aspect is the residence. Some people live in apartments, so they do not have enough space to plant outdoors. An alternative for these people is growing indoors. They usually choose some plants and herbs. They can use different growing ways. It could be using seeds or cuttings, but it depends on what they desire to grow indoors. It is better to germinate the seeds and wait for the necessary time to transplant the new plants. That is the case, you need to move them to bigger or better containers.
  3. The kind of plants: Some plants grow better in warm locations, but they are adaptable as well. It means, it is possible to provide them the suitable temperature conditions to grow successfully and produce a great harvest. To create those particular settings, it is necessary to set up a ventilation and lighting system. Sometimes, people do not do it because they have one or two plants in their houses. In this case, they need to put the plant under a light bulb or near windows during the day. Other plants are fragile and indoor growing is a great option to keep them under control during all the stages.
  4. The type of project: People can have demanding projects, which require special attention to succeed. It is better to prepare a great plan to provide the plants the necessary conditions to develop their roots, stems, and leaves. It is fundamental to set up a ventilation and lighting system to keep the area warm. Cannabis plants, for example, grow better outside, but they can produce good yields when they are grown indoors. Obviously, they need to receive enough artificial light and if it is possible some hours of direct sunlight.
  5. Legal restrictions: Let us refer to cannabis plants to explain this aspect. Cannabis plants are not allowed everywhere. There are many places where they are forbidden. An alternative for keeping them safe and hidden is using the indoor practice. People, of course, are very careful with those plants due to curious people and the possible legal consequences. However, during the flowering stage of cannabis plants, it is rather difficult because their odor is stronger.
  6. Better control: Other people decide to grow indoors because this way allows them to keep the plants under control. They provide the proper conditions to encourage them to grow. Also, they can evaluate their growth and the possible diseases, which can cause serious problems. However, with this growing way, those problems can be detected on time.
  7. The purpose of the activity: People often choose to grow for different reasons. For example, some of them grow herbs indoors because they are used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It means, they can take them to the kitchen to prepare food, tea, sauce, and others. The harvest is usually healthier because these people use compost or natural fertilizers.

Other growers have different purposes, which are targeted at getting excellent yields. These yields may be part of a great business. In this case, they need to control every stage of the plants to be certain they will produce good harvests.

Advantages and disadvantages of indoor growing

To grow indoors has some advantages, such as:

  1. – People can control temperature conditions.
  2. – It is useful to provide the exact quantity of nutrients the plants need to thrive.
  3. – It is a good way to produce several harvests during the year. For example, if you grow cannabis indoors, you can get more than one yield per year.
  4. – The plants are protected from heavy rains and strong winds.
  5. – The plants receive just the moisture they need, which protect them from a mold and some diseases.

People get diverse benefits from this practice, but growing indoors also has several disadvantages. Some of these are:

  1. – People need to get a proper indoor place to set their growing.
  2. – The equipment used to arrange the place is expensive. They need ventilation and lighting system and some of them are very expensive.
  3. – Preparing the place requires a certain time.
  4. -You need to check regularly the equipment and it also needs certain maintenance.

Growing indoors is a frequent activity carried out in several countries. Many of these growers have several reasons as explained through this article, but in the end, they have similar expectations, which is getting a great yield. They make a good plan to encourage the plants to grow and produce successfully. The benefits they get may be different, but it depends on the plants they grow indoors and the purpose of the project as well.

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Growing marijuana outside

Growing marijuana outside can be a fun, rewarding and challenging activity. It can also be risky and frustrating if the plant does not receive the suitable conditions and care to thrive. Some growers consider indoor growing as another option, but it is often more expensive. Depending on the number of plants, they may need to arrange a place with a fan and lighting system to keep the temperature conditions under control, whereas outside growing plants receive those conditions from the environment itself. If you are planning to begin this activity, you can use your outdoor garden without investing much money.

Consider these factors to grow marijuana outside

There are several factors to be considered when you decide to set up your marijuana outside growing. Marijuana is a plant, which is used in many places for diverse reasons, such as recreation, medicine and also industrial use. Although this plant grows better in tropical locations, it is adaptable. However, it guides certain conditions to grow successfully. Through this guide, you will find some relevant information you need to know in order to grow marijuana outside.  

  1. Choose a suitable location:

Choosing an appropriate location to grow marijuana outside is a key factor, especially if your plan is growing directly in the ground or in a large area. Some people prefer using containers they can move according to the weather conditions, but this is a good idea in case of having just a few plants. Another alternative is using your garden or places like a balcony, a rooftop or a terrace. In this case, you have to choose several pots to plant them.

When choosing a place to grow marijuana outside, you have to be certain the plants will receive several hours of direct sunlight, at least five or six hours every day. You can choose midday or the time when the sunlight quality is better. There are some people, who have to move the plant pots daily looking for the most convenient sunlight in order to make the plants get what they need each day.

You have to be careful with the places, where the high wind is a frequent condition. In this case, you can sow your marijuana plants near walls or fences to protect or hold them. This activity may be great if you are growing these plants in places like gardens, yards, or small locations. However, if your cannabis plants are outside in larger places, it is more difficult to take care of them from severe breezes, though some people arrange some fences to try to protect them.

  1. Study the climate conditions:

As explained before, marijuana plants can adapt to diverse settings, though they cannot tolerate very hot conditions. These plants come from Asia, so they grow better the tropical climate. Nowadays, they are grown in diverse places, either outside or inside ones. According to the growing way, growers consider alternatives to provide these plants with the most suitable conditions to develop in a successful way.

If the plan is growing marijuana outside, it is necessary to evaluate the climate conditions to accomplish such activity positively. These plants are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, either cold or hot. It means, if the conditions are not favorable, they can stop growing and even reduce yields. In worse situations, these plants can die off. For instance, when the weather is very rainy and windy, the plants can be damaged physically. It is true that marijuana plants need moist soil, but if they receive excessive humidity, they can be affected by mold or any other diseases.

  1. Choose a growing method:

To begin growing marijuana plants, it is recommended to use the germination technique. You need to look for suitable pots and proper soil to make the seeds germinate. At this stage, the seeds require a moist soil and to be days, quiet area, while the germination occurs. This process lasts some days until the first root appears. This main root is very important because the other roots grow from this. Depending on the pots you use at the beginning, you may need to move these plants to bigger containers. This practice should be carried out carefully because they are very fragile during the first phase.

If the idea is growing the plants directly in the ground, you have to be certain about the kind of soil to be used. You should look for a rich soil and improve its conditions using some compost or manure. It will give the necessary nutrients to the plants in order to thrive and produce a great harvest. Remember, these plants also need some moisture to develop their roots. You should be certain they have enough humidity and not too much.

  1. Use some fertilizers:

Growing marijuana outside probably does not require too many fertilizers like indoor practice, but it is true this plant needs different nutrients during its stages. People choose the most convenient alternatives to provide these nutrients. Some of them use natural and organic fertilizers, but others prefer the ones targeted at cannabis plants. These last ones have what the cannabis plants need to thrive, but they tend to be more expensive as well.

If the plants are in larger areas with a rich soil, they take some nutrients from the ground and the growers often help using fertilizers, usually those aimed at cannabis plants. It is fundamental to guarantee the plants what they need to reach an excellent harvest, but the use of fertilizers has to be moderately. The excessive use of fertilizers can damage the marijuana plants.

Finally, when growing marijuana outside, people should consider all the aspects mentioned in this article to get a successful harvest. Moreover, it is important to state that it is necessary to keep a constant care to encourage these plants to thrive. For instance, watering should be carried out regularly, though they cannot be overwatered either. You have to pay attention to the weather conditions and all the possible problems.

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Growing marijuana plants outdoors

Growing marijuana plants outdoors

Some people claim that growing marijuana plants outdoors is easier than indoors. Maybe, they are right. As it is known, these plants grow better in warm climates, so if the activity is carried out in open places, it is not necessary to spend money on buying special equipment or preparing an infrastructure with an appropriate lighting system. People can use the sunlight and the weather conditions of the place.  Although it sounds great and easier, there are some things to consider when growing this plants outdoors. Continue reading to get more information.

Setting up a marijuana outdoor growing

To begin growing marijuana outdoors, people need to get the seeds. Nowadays, there are places where you can find special seeds for outdoor cultivation. Even, these strains can complete the cycle early, including growing and flowering. Also, these can be more resistant in the soil. Another way to obtain the seeds is through a previous harvest. Once people get the seeds, it is time to start with the marijuana growing phases:

  1. Germination: The first stage is the germination period. This is the process to make the seeds sprout. People know this process is complete when the first root appears. This main root is very important because the other roots sprout from this one. When it gets stronger and others appear, the shell breaks through the surface. At this point, the first leaf emerges. This is known as cotyledon. After that, new and real leaves emerge.

For the germination phase, use pot plants or bags. These pots should have a moist soil to get the seedlings successfully. Also, the seeds should be alone while waiting for the first root to appear. A warm place is very helpful as well; it must not be hot. When you observe such seeds, it is advisable to be very careful and kind. And when the planting moment arrives, people have to avoid touching the main root because it is very fragile.

  1. Seedlings planting: Once the seedlings are ready, it is time to plant them. It is relevant to mention that people also need to find a place to begin. It could be a garden or a bigger place. It depends on the number of plants you need to grow and also the country where the marijuana growing is carried out. Remember, there are many countries where this practice is considered as something illegal.

Sometimes, people use bigger pots to plant them in their gardens, since they are considered as great places for growing marijuana plants outdoors. Other growers prefer using larger lands to have a lot of plants and yield vast harvests. People have to be careful when they move the seedlings to the soil because they are delicate during the first stage. Also, it is necessary to keep these seedlings warm and moist. They require enough moisture to grow successfully, so growers must avoid overwatering the new marijuana plants.

There are other people, who grow the seeds directly into the ground without germinating them before. It means, the process is risky because it is probable that several seeds do not sprout as expected. This soil needs to be in excellent conditions to provide the new plants all the nutrients they need to thrive. Also, people need to remove other plants around, which may interfere with the new marijuana plants development.

  1. Growing: To reach an excellent growing, marijuana plants need to receive the sunlight. If these plants are in the garden, this place should have access to sunlight. Also, watering is very significant. People have to water the plants regularly, though they cannot be overwatered either. A very useful suggestion is touching the ground with your fingers in order to check if it is dry or moist. If you feel the soil is cold, it means there is still water left. Other people advise watering the marijuana plants once a week to avoid that problem.

Another fundamental element to help the marijuana plants grow is the use of fertilizers. The first nutrients these plants receive come from the soil itself. That is why people have to choose rich soil when growing marijuana plants outdoors. After some weeks, three or four weeks, it is a good idea to use fertilizers. Nowadays, there are several kinds of fertilizers aimed at cannabis plants. Maybe, this is the best option because it has all the components these plants need.

Some of these fertilizers are expensive. If you cannot afford those, you can get other kinds targeted at food plants. They can also work well. But this is a common case for small harvests. When people have bigger projects, they often get those fertilizers for cannabis plants. The use of fertilizers has to be in appropriate doses. It is advisable to check the recommendations written in their containers. But, why is it so important to use fertilizers properly? Well, the main reason is that if people use those excessively, it may be harmful to the plants, even these plants can die off.

  1. The harvest: The marijuana plants harvest should be ready in about three or five months. But, how do we know if the plants are ready for the harvest? At this point, the cannabis plants have great and big buds. These buds’ stigmas turn brown, so it is time to obtain the final production.

Growing marijuana plants outdoors can be advantageous as well. It is easier to cultivate these plants. Also, they can grow bigger, which can produce a better yield. It is due to the conditions. They receive the sunlight, the fresh air, and enough space to expand themselves. It is cheaper than growing cannabis indoors. And also you do not have electricity inconvenient. However, there are some disadvantages, such as the following ones: the plants are prone to be damaged by pest, fungi, and animals. Also, the harvest lasts more because there is not light and temperature control, but people can get bigger plants and better harvests.

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How to grow basil indoors

Basil is a frequently planted outdoor herb, though people can grow basil indoors as well. Its scientific name is Ocimum basilicum and belongs to the Lamiaceae or mint family. This is considered as a culinary and medicinal herb due to its diverse uses.  It probably comes from India, so it grows better in tropical or warm climates. Its leaves are aromatic, green, flat, oval-shaped, and smooth.  This plant can grow sixty centimeters or one meter high. That is only a brief description of basil. To know more about this plant continue reading.

Grow basil indoors

Basil growing indoors is not a difficult task and that is why it is grown in many places. What you need to do first is looking for an appropriate pot. This pot should have the necessary drainage to provide the plants the humidity they need. Although the basil plants require a moist soil, excessive watering should be avoided. If the used pots are very small, the plants should need to be transplanted to bigger ones later. Another relevant aspect when planting basil indoors is the use of fertilizers to reach an optimal growing. Organic fertilizer is recommended and also in moderate quantities to keep the PH levels under control.

When planting other herbs, the sunlight is a significant element. The same happens when people decide to grow basil indoors. The sunlight is necessary, and even light can be provided artificially. Basil grows in an excellent way in warm locations and they should receive approximately six hours of sun daily.  Basil plants can be exposed to the sun by putting them inaccessible places, such as windows or a terrace roof. During indoors growing, this process can be carried out by alternating the sunlight and the artificial lighting use.

There are two different ways to grow Basil indoors. The first one is taking the basil stems and make a cutting. After that, you must put them inside containers with water until new roots start growing. It may last about a week. Once they are ready, you can proceed to plant them in pots. The other way is using basil seeds. In this case, germination should be an alternative. Basil is sensitive to cold temperatures, so if you are about to transplant the cuttings or the seedlings indoors or in the ground, you need to make certain of having the best temperature condition.

Watering should be once a week to be certain their roots have the necessary humidity to help them develop successfully. It is advisable to water directly over the soil and not over the leaves because it damages them. These plants grow about three months until they get their maturity. Once they reach that stage, the basil plants begin to bloom. The flowers can be white, pink or purple. Once these flowers are dried, it is a good moment to extract the basil seeds, which are inside the blossoms. Their color is usually black. These seeds can be planted the following year to obtain a new harvest.

As part of the basil plants care, people have to be cautious when watering them. Also, some leaves sometimes need to be picked off to help the plants grow. Another curious thing about basil’s leaves is that some people pinch some parts of the stems to produce new ones. If the leaves start changing their color from green to yellow, the plants are warning there is something wrong. Maybe, they need more water or nutrients. Another possibility is that they can be stressed due to the watering or fertilizer’ excessive use. In this case, you should reduce the quantity you add to the plants.

This plant grows better in warm locations, but sowing  and grow basil indoors is an option for those people, who live in places with different seasons like summer, spring, fall, and winter. Remember basil cannot grow in optimal ways or may die early if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as the winter cold or strong winds. In these seasonal places, people try to keep them save providing the most appropriate care. This care includes rich soil, nutrients, humidity, and light.

Why grow basil indoors or outdoors?

Some people suggest that the basil flowers and leaves have many medicinal benefits. They can be used to avoid nervous problems and vomits. They may improve the circulation flow and it is a great option if you are dealing with inflammation. Basil is useful for a cough, upset stomach, sore throat, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, and even is used during the healing up the process. Basil has diverse properties, such as digestive, stimulating, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

As a culinary herb, people use and eat its leaves and stems. They are used to prepare different kinds of omelet like potato omelet. People add them when cooking as the seasoning in soup, salad, fish, meat, chicken, and sauce. These leaves can be an excellent ingredient if you combine them with others, like tomatoes or olive oil. A simple pasta dish can become a better one if you prepare a special sauce, like pesto sauce and then you add some cheese.

Basil can be used either for eating or drinking. In this case, you only need to boil water and add about ten leaves. People boil the leaves some minutes. After that, they wait until it cools down and strains it. Now, the basil tea is ready to be drunk. At this point, it is necessary to mention that some people can be allergic to basil, so they have to be sure about that before consuming this plant.

In short, basil is a very useful herb either for culinary or medicinal purposes. It can be grown in outer areas for a bigger harvest, or simply at home for your own consumption. You can use your garden or if you prefer, you may use pots. It can be planted using two different methods. Basil can be grown through cuttings or seeds, which is very convenient if you want to grow basil indoors.

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How to grow big buds indoors

Through indoor growing people often get vegetables, herbs, and even fruit. Others look for ways to grow big buds indoors. The cannabis plants require some temperature conditions to develop and reach a great yield. They have to receive particular care and maintenance from the first stage. They receive attention since the germination phase. At this point, they need a rich and moist soil to germinate. Once the seedlings are ready, people need to find a proper place to help them begin their development. Continue reading to get more information about these plants and their harvest.

Tips to grow big buds indoors

Growing indoors is considered as an alternative in those countries, where the temperature changes according to the seasons during the year. This activity is great for several reasons. These plants are used as medicine, with recommended quantities. Other people use cannabis for recreational purposes.

Cannabis plants require good temperature conditions to grow, so when people decide to use indoor growing they have to consider several aspects to carry out the practice in a successful way. If you want to get big buds indoors, you can find some tips to help the plants develop and produce good harvests:

  1. Location: It is necessary to look for an appropriate place and arrange it properly. This place needs to have enough space for the equipment and the plants.
  2. Lighting system: When growing plants indoors, it is necessary to set up a lighting system. It could be expensive but it is an alternative to keep the warm conditions indoors. The plants need to receive enough artificial light or sunlight. You can use LED technology or HID lights. These last ones tend to be cheaper than the first ones. Also, you can use fluorescent grow lights and these can be near the plants.
  3. Ventilation system: It is also necessary a ventilation system to remove the extreme heat from the area and provide fresh air in order to keep the appropriate temperature conditions. It is often placed over the plants near the roof.
  4. Seedlings: Once you get the seeds. They need to germinate to become seedlings. This process takes some days until the seedlings emerge. These new plants need moist and light to start growing.
  5. Growing: During their growing stage, these plants need water and lighting as well. When growing indoors, the plant`s height can be also controlled.
  6. Watering: The plants need humidity to develop roots, stems and also leaves. It makes them grow. You have to water them in a moderate way.
  7. Fertilizers: As part of their growing, these plants need diverse nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. There is diverse kind of fertilizers you can use to feed your plants. When people decide to grow indoors, they have to use fertilizers in appropriate quantities to avoid causing any trouble.

To grow big buds indoors is the result of a good growing stage. The cannabis plants need appropriate temperature conditions and that can be controlled with a good light and ventilation system. There are some places, where the plants can receive some hours of sunlight, so growers can alternate between artificial lighting and sunlight. Also, they need to receive nutrients and all the particular care they need. These plants have several stages during their lifecycle and each one is essential for the plants.

When the flowering stage arrives, the plants use a lot of energy. This is a new phase for them, so they need to adapt to those changes. The plants use energy to start growing the buds. These buds require the necessary time to develop and become bigger and better day by day. It is advisable to continue feeding the plants to help them get a successful stage. During the first week, people can use the same nutrients, but then they can use flowering ones to contribute to the development of these buds.

It is relevant to state that these buds can be female and male ones. They have different characteristics. The female buds develop some kind of white hairs named pistils. Through days these pistils become buds. The male ones do not produce any pistils. They produce pollen. They use such pollen to pollinate the flowers. When that happens, the flowers start producing seeds. The plants can use the energy to that seed production and the buds stop growing. This pollination process is something people usually avoid, particularly if they want to grow big buds indoors.

Some growers increase the light intensity to help the plants get all the necessary energy and produce buds.  It is necessary to provide intense light to all the buds until harvest. Of course, you have to avoid overheating them. It also depends on the lighting system you choose. At this point, light is another important nutrient for the plants. Remember, they use a lot of energy to make these buds grow and produce the best yield for people.

Another important thing is that people have to wait for the right time to pick up the harvest. The pistils change their color. Now, they are not white. They turn dark. When they are completely brown, people know the buds are on the way to be picked up. If you grow buds indoors, it is easy to check if these buds are ready or not. Indoor growing is a controlled activity, so you can check every part of the process and also help if it is required.

At the beginning of this article, it was mentioned that growing big buds indoors is a hard work the growers have to accomplish. As part of this work, growers have to provide the plants all the necessary conditions to develop. That development has to be from the beginning to the end. It is essential to set up a place where the cannabis plants can reach their complete growing. People need to provide them with enough light and nutrients through their lifecycle to encourage them to grow and produce a great yield.

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How to grow bigger buds outdoors

Cannabis plants growing has to succeed in several stages to produce the harvest. People can encourage the plants to grow bigger buds outdoors, but maybe these could need some help. It is necessary to know some information about the buds in order to understand what they are and need to improve their growth. During the flowering stage of cannabis plants, the flowers or buds start emerging. They grow into branches and they are held by the nodes. After some weeks during this stage, the buds get bigger and thicker. Some strains develop better buds than others.

Buds outdoor growing

When people grow cannabis plants, they usually start germinating their seeds to get good seedlings. From the beginning, these plants need suitable conditions to grow and develop good roots, stems, and leaves. They require a rich and moist soil. Also, they should be watered regularly. These plants need nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, among others. These conditions and proper care are carried out to help the plants develop and grow bigger buds.

The location is another factor to consider when growing cannabis outdoors. It is necessary to check the possible weather variations to choose the best alternative for the plants. They can be affected by heavy rains and strong winds, so it is better to think about that carefully. Some people, who grow in their yards, set up fences to protect them or they grow the plants near walls.

After these plants have grown several months, they have to start another stage. This phase is known as the flowering stage. This period is not the same with all the cannabis strains. Some of them flower later than others. This stage takes several weeks to reach to the final harvest. These plants suffer several changes during the weeks of the flowering period last. These variations can be according to the cannabis strains.

The flowering stage of cannabis plants is very important. At this point, they enter in a transition period. Some of them stretch getting bigger and bigger and also new leaves appear. Others start diminishing their growing. It depends on the kind of strains you use for your outdoor growing. During this phase, the plants use a lot of energy, so it is advisable to continue feeding them at least a week more. These need nutrients to succeed in this new period.

During the second week, some white hairs named pistils begin to emerge. These pistils will become the buds then. The female buds produce the pistils, while the male buds produce pollen, which can be used to pollinate the females. Through pollination, the females start producing seeds and less THC. The cannabis growers often avoid that process. During this week, people increase the use of flowering nutrients in order to help the plants get a good harvest. It is important to provide adequate quantities of nutrients to help the plants. It should not be added excessively.

It is during the third week when the real buds show up and start developing. The plants absorb more nutrients, so you should continue feeding them.  The plants stop growing during the fourth week, so they use all the energy on the buds growing. The buds become bigger and thicker through days. They often continue their process some weeks more until they change their color, which states the harvest time is near. Sometimes, the flowering phase can take until eight weeks.

Methods to grow bigger buds outdoors

To get bigger buds outdoors, it is necessary to provide the plants all the conditions they need to grow. The sunlight has an essential role to help the plants grow in excellent conditions. These plants often need a warm temperature from their first stage. But if they are grown outdoors, they have access to direct sunlight and fresh air, which make them develop successfully.

Another relevant aspect is feeding the plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. In the beginning, the plants take some nutrients from the soil, but later people use fertilizers to encourage them to grow. They require nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. This is a good combination to make them develop roots, stems and enough leaves. People can use those fertilizers targeted at cannabis plants since they have all the nutrients these plants need.

Some growers claim that the best option to get fat and juicy buds are taking care of them during the flowering stage. The plants use a lot of energy, so they need to get special flowering nutrients to contribute with their work and also make the buds grow.  While many buds get bigger, others cannot grow in the same way. It is possible to help them to improve their size. There are some alternatives to make these buds grow bigger outdoors.

One of these methods is called pruning. This is a technique used to improve the yield. It consists in removing the useless or small buds to help the other buds grow bigger outdoors. This method can guarantee bigger and better buds because they can receive more energy and light to help them develop more.

Another technique is called low-stress training. It consists in manipulating the plants to grow wider and not so tall. In this case, you do not need any cutting. People train the plants to grow in a way, which allows them to look for more light. It is often practiced during the first stages of the plants. It could be helpful to improve the cannabis harvest.

To grow bigger buds outdoors the cannabis plants have to receive the best temperature conditions from the beginning. They should get the appropriate sunlight hours daily. They also need to receive the necessary nutrients to grow and produce a good yield. Moreover, these plants need particular care and maintenance. They should be protected from diseases, animals and any other possible problems. People have to evaluate the development of the plants from the beginning to the last stage to make certain they produce the best yield possible.

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