Growing cannabis indoors

Growing cannabis indoors

Cultivating Cannabis is not a difficult process, but if full of patience, you should know that you will not be an expert from the beginning, but with practice and the correct implements will be easier; Follow these steps if you are interested in growing Cannabis indoors.

  1. Choose the place for your cannabis plants and a growing medium

You will have to keep a pleasant place for growing cannabis indoors, and this place can vary from a closet (small) in your living room, to a separate room or part of your attic or basement.

Growing cannabis indoors

Now, in a medium, we refer to where your plant is with its roots. Often, this is just soil, but it can also be an inert medium such as rock wool or clay granules. Then you grow hydrologically as it is called. The advantage is faster growth, but it requires a little more wisdom.

  1. Choose a growth light

Grow lights are available in all types and sizes, such as HPS, LED or TL and energy-saving lamps. You choose your ideal lamp based on the desired performance, the size of your growing room and the number of plants. And of course, your Budget.

  1. Select a food that matches your environment and ensures the correct pH value of the feed water

Once you have chosen a medium, you also need fertilizers that fit with that. On Earth, a biological diet is perhaps the easiest, but it cannot be used in a configuration of hydrological reproduction. Anyway, do not feed too much and choose a good basic diet that, so to speak, fits your environment. And it maintains the pH value in all cases!

  1. Choose your weed seeds

Genetics (the species) is very decisive for the taste, quantity, effect and the way in which the plants will grow and flourish. For example, if you want a weed with CBD, buy a variety rich in CBD, if you want an exclusive flavor then opt for a dominant sativa variety and so on.

  1. Start playback location

In addition to your lamp and your medium, you need other things in your growing room, such as an extractor, a filter for smell and a fan (rotating) to ensure the necessary air circulation. A tent or closet ready to use is ideal, your nursery should become something like that. If you have everything together and everything is ready before the beginning, you can begin to germinate your seeds.

  1. The vegetative phase.

If your seeds have germinated successfully, or your cuttings have started, the weed plants must first grow. The plant SWTR cannabis light during this phase at least 18 hours a day and, therefore, only 6 hours a day in the dark. We leave the auto-flowering weed species for a while. If all things, such as enough light, ventilation, temperature, water, and food are in order, the weed plants grow quite fast, up to 5 centimeters per day.

The duration of the vegetative phase depends on the climate control and the number of plants that grow per square meter. The vegetative phase, therefore, lasts from 3 to a maximum of 10 days. After a maximum of one week, we will shorten the exposure time to 12 hours.

  1. The flowering phase.

After the rain, sunlight arrives and, after the growth phase, the flowering phase arrives irrevocably. In this phase, the upper parts are formed and the flowering phase begins approximately two weeks after the lamp is no longer set at 18 o’clock, but at 12 o’clock (ie, 12 hours a day lit and the 12 o’clock off). Take into account a sudden growth at the beginning of the flowering phase.

  1. Harvest your cannabis plants.

After the flowering phase, the best time to smoke your own weed is the harvest. Wait until the grass is really ripe (because it would be a shame if you harvest too much soon) How to tell if your growing Cannabis indoors Is it ready to be harvested?

Wait until no new white hairs appear on your buds. Your buds will have to smell very strong at that time of the cycle, the whole growing room will probably have a strong smell of grass.

–     Wait until at least 40% of the white hairs on the yolks are brown and dry. If that is the case, you will be at the beginning of the harvest period. If you harvest your weed now, it gives you a more energetic effect when smoking and the weed is not yet at its peak in terms of potency.

–       When it is not 40, but 50 to 70% of the hairs are brown and dry, their weeds are at their peak in terms of potency. Your herb now contains the highest amount of THC. If you go for the power, now you have to harvest your grass.

–       When 80 to 90% of the hairs in the shoots are brown and dry, their weeds are above the THC peak. The undergrowth you harvest now gives a more relaxed effect that makes it more difficult to get out of your couch. This is because part of the THC in the weed has become the most relaxing CBN. People looking for a good painkiller would do well to harvest their grass at this time.

The harvest itself is a job that requires a lot of time, but if you sit down and take your time to do it, it will give you some pretty buds. Begin cutting the large bracts and then cut all the small leaves of the buds.

  1. Drying and curing

After the harvest, the grass is hung upside down so that it dries in the dark. This is perfect in your growing room. Turn off everything except the extractor. In this way, the air around the brush constantly refreshes and you do not suffer smells in your home. The drying lasts about a day or 10 and ends when the trunks break with a clear crack when bending. After drying, you can smoke the grass, but it is much better to let it cure for a while (at least 2 weeks) in glass jars in the dark, do not forget to let the pots ventilate at first.

We hope you liked this Growing cannabis indoors article and you finally grow your own cannabis

Growing Cannabis

The term ‘cannabis’ refers to both the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa, also known as hemp plant) and the main products of this plant, namely marijuana and hashish. Many of us have heard about this famous plant, it is not a secret for anyone the effects it produces and the legal consequences that it usually entails. The growing cannabis is a subject that is currently being dealt with, especially before the legal side of the issue and for its help as a medicinal treatment.

Currently, there are countries where the cultivation of this plant is legal, but there are still many other places where it is not yet; Today we will discuss everything related to the growing Cannabis, if this is the kind of information you were looking for, then you are in the right place; Keep Reading.

Growing Cannabis

There are different types of cannabis plants, but it is mainly cannabis sativa that is used as a drug. Especially the cups of female cannabis plants contain rosacea: the cannabinoids. The most important of these is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Other important substances are cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN).

The amount of THC and other cannabinoids in a plant determines the effect of cannabis.

Growing Cannabis

Hemp was grown before for the seeds and their oil or for the fibers of the plant. Even today farmers can get permission to grow hemp. These are plants that barely contain soothing substances and, therefore, you cannot be under the influence.

Hash and weeds are mainly used as a stimulant. The hemp plant is also used for many other things besides those we already know, cloth, rope and paper are made of fibers. The seeds as food for birds. The hemp plants used for these purposes have virtually no THC.

Effects de Cannabis

  • The effects of cannabis can depend greatly on the variety, quantity and method of use. Personality, susceptibility, expectations, previous use and the circumstances in which someone uses also play a role. Cannabis is a hallucinogenic drug, although many people experience it as a narcotic.
  • Marijuana and hashish strengthen the feeling or mood at the time of use.
  • Those who feel well will probably experience a pleasant feeling of joy (High) and mild intoxication. Sometimes people just laugh.
  • Those who are anxious or depressed may feel even worse.
  • One is more sensitive to light and the pulse and respiration are accelerated.
  • Usually, people are very hungry, with a strong need for sweets.
  • You may also have sticky hands or a heavy feeling in your arms and legs.
  • Users have the impression that cannabis stimulates their world of thought, imagination, and creativity and gives them a positive view of the world. THC increases sensory sensitivity (for example, colors and music seem more intense) and also change the experience of time, allowing users to experience reality differently.

Growing Cannabis. Hash and weeds

Hash and weeds come from the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. On top of the flowers and on the upper leaves of the hemp plant are small resin glands, called trichomes. These are a type of hair that secrete resin. You can see those hairs in the cups of the flowers.

The resin actually has the function of attracting pollen. But the resin also contains THC, which is the active ingredient in hashish and weeds. The female variety of the cannabis plant contains much more THC than the male. In addition, there are more substances that affect the effects of cannabis.

The hash is the pure resin. In the production of hashish, the resin is separated from the cups of the flowers. This is done by drying and cooling the plant. Then the plant is sifted. The fine resin granules then fall through the screen. Then the powder is pressed. This can be done by hand or with a tool such as a bottle or a press.

During the pressing, oil is released which ensures that the powder sticks. Then a brown slice appears, that is the hash. For the strength of the weed, it matters if you only take the top of the plant or also the middle part.

Cannabis or marijuana are no more than the flowers and the dried and crumbled leaves of the hemp plant. It looks like dry flower caps and varies in color from gray-green to green-brown..

In what countries is the growing Cannabis legal?

Cambodia was the last country in the world to ban cannabis in 1997. For a short time, it seemed as if the dogma of cannabis prohibition had been consolidated internationally. However, in 2013, the Uruguayan parliament decided to legalize cannabis under state control. Since then, individuals in Uruguay have been allowed to grow up to 6 plants and, theoretically, buy cannabis products in pharmacies after registering. However, the implementation of these legal sales has been postponed several times, mainly due to technical problems in trade monitoring.

Cannabis is also legal in the states of Colorado and Washington in the USA. UU, with regulated sales and legal self-cultivation of up to 6 plants in Colorado. In the state of Washington, the purchase of up to one ounce of cannabis and licensed sales are allowed. Self-cultivation remains here for the time being forbidden. The states of Alaska and Oregon also passed similar laws in early 2014. Although there is no legal trade in the state capital, Washington DC, up to 6 plants can be grown legally and can be purchased or even given as an ounce (approximately 28 grams). ) of cannabis

In the Netherlands, cannabis was never really legal but only tolerated. The so-called cafeterias can store up to 500 grams of cannabis in the store and sell up to 5 grams per customer. However, all production and wholesale are illegal, so a very special backdoor problem arose. As a result, there is no state control over the cultivation methods used and, therefore, there is no consumer protection.

In conclusion, we bring you 10 countries where Growing Cannabis is legally ” accepted”:

  1. Mexico
  2. Holland
  3. Canada
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Chile
  7. Uruguay
  8. Portugal
  9. North Korea
  10. United States
  11. Tailand