Best kush weed

Below we bring you a wide selection of the best kush weed, which we consider important that you know if you are interested in acquiring any variety at some time, either by consumption or by cultivation.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a good example of powerful American genetics. Gorilla Glue is the result of a crossing with Chem’s Sisterm, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Another special VS variety, which most breeders have tasted, is undoubtedly one of the many variations of OG Kush. With its characteristic flavor and mysterious origins, this variety has already made much room in growth.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is, of course, extremely strong, very productive and its taste is powerful and unique;   Sweet and fruity with a hint of lemon.   A delicacy created with the best strains from Europe and the United States.

OG Reek’n

In a competitive market, the feminized OG Reek’n has conquered a place as a reliable and powerful species. In terms of growth, it looks like Rollex OG Kush. OG Reek’n has many sativa characteristics although it is dominant in indica.

OG Reek’n is a long and wide plant that lends itself to the SCROG method and the most traditional methods of reproduction. The plant is easy to use with both methods. Good advice for the novice grower: make sure you have enough space because, in the end, the OG Reek’n will bend in length. When you keep it small, you get better performance.

Kush Cookies

Continuing with our ‘‘Best Kush Weed’’ list. Now we go with Kush Cookies was developed by the Barney’s team Farm Seeds for the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014. An unusual mixture of sophisticated genetics. Kush Cookies is a cross between the famous Girl Scouts Cookies with the unique and only Rolex Kush. This is a powerful and very animated Indica plant, which produces a lot of beautiful Kush buds. Blooms indoors in just 8 weeks.

Cookies Kush is the winner of the High Times 2014 in the “Best variety of coffee shop” category.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a type of grass that reminds us of the color of wild berries with their purple and green tones.

This is a 70% purple hybrid with resinous buds that immediately grab attention. Spend a while before you can taste its sweet and spicy flavor, but when you can see its amethyst color and intense brightness, it will soon become the jewel of your garden.

This plant does not need much care and grows easily with small amounts of vegetable food. If you give too many nutrients, it will be immediately visible to the small spots that appear on its leaves. The plant has a purple color, which is best seen in its resin filled buds.
Purple Kush gives it a calming effect. The plant is predominantly Indica and gives you a relaxing buzz that does not interfere with your daily activities. Purple Kush takes good care of you.

The Amnesia

The Amnesia combines the genetics of the famous Dutch Amnesia Haze with an extremely powerful Kush variety. Called this way by Los Angeles, this celestial type fits perfectly with the City of Angels.

Amnesia is a fruity energy strain with a genetic code that has its roots in Jamaica and South Asia, and that hardly needs the introduction of experienced cannabis fanatics.

This species pampers the grower with the best of both worlds. It has a typical citrus / earthy / hazelnut flavor, full of terpenes, which will be popular with real connoisseurs, where extraordinary power will impress those who prefer extreme punishment. With a THC content of 20-24%, everything revolves around the power; this plant guarantees a high intensity that produces mental energy and maximum physical relaxation!

AK Choco Kush

With AK Choco Kush, Amsterdam Genetics modernizes the very powerful and world-famous AK-47, combining the original power with a sweeter taste and smell. A wonderful combination of the old and the new.

Crossing these two fantastic plants resulted in the replacement of the spicy flavors of AK-47 with the extremely sweet and intoxicating aroma and flavor of Choco Kush.
This species grows very fast and produces long plants with dense buds and magnificent THC crystals.

8 Ball Kush

Finds its origin in the Afghan / Pakistani mountainous areas. 8-Ball is the result of years of selective endogamy. Very easy to grow and manicure, and guarantees good performance, even in less favorable conditions. Ball 8 is still small and has broad, dark green leaves with dense buds and thick stems. The smoke has a moldy and earthy flavor. Ideal for SOG and ScrOG configurations.

Auto-Blackberry Kush

Finishing with the Best Kush Weed list; Auto-blackberry is an automatic cross between the classic Dutch Passion Blueberry and a dark and resinous kush hash plant from our gene bank. Auto-Blackberry Kush has been presented as a premium Indica with a firm body stone, combined with a fresh and fruity Kush flavor. Blueberry can often, but not always, dominate the characteristics of kush, with a sweet and fruity influence, combined with the powerful and earthy Indica Kush contribution.

Auto-Blackberry Kush grows very vigorously, with a strong main flowering and with many lateral branches that are characteristic of an Auto-fem Indica. Most plants will show color in the leaves/buds at the time of harvest, and hard, compact buds sometimes develop very dark tones.

Auto-Blackberry Kush usually has a height of between 75 centimeters and 1 meter and can be harvested after about ten weeks after germination if a light cycle of 20/4 has been used. Auto-Blackberry Kush will especially appeal to growers who are looking for high-quality genetics to produce extra sticky and luxurious crops with a very powerful body stone. This visually automatic Kush will produce high-quality effects, a great flavor, and a delicious aroma. An excellent new automatic Kush that has it all. Highly recommended

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