Best Sativa Strains

An essential part of growing your own weed is the choice of a type of cannabis. Each species has its own characteristics that determine how the plant grows, tastes, flowers and much more. There are literally hundreds of cannabis types to choose from, but almost all of them consist of part of the two largest primary species: sativas or indica. The fact that most types of weeds, with the exception of those that bloom automatically, originate to a greater or lesser extent from sativa and indica, is evident in the categories in which they can compete for the different cannabis cups. The first three in almost all parts almost always consist of sativa, indica or so-called hybrids, crosses between the sativa and indica plants. This is how we start our Best Sativa Strains list.

Amherst Sour Diesel

This legendary elite clone was a gift to HSO from his Mendocino partners many years ago. It’s the real thing, the taste is delicious and the top is very strong.
This champion among mothers, whose flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks, is easy on food and produces a great yield.

G13 Haze

The G13 has won several awards, including the 2006 and 2007 Cannabis Cup. The legend of the G13 lives with this spectacular cross, a result of the world famous G13 with the Hawaiian Sativa.
It is still small in stature for a Sativa plant and has an incredible density of flowers with a generous resin production. Ideal for SoG and ScrOG configurations.
The effect is cerebral but strong, flavored with fruit and spices.


Michka van Sensi Seeds is named after the French cannabis guru, author-activist and great lady of cannabis, Michka Seeliger-Chatelain. This surprising variety that smells of citrus fruits is a true experience for all sativa lovers.

Michka Properties

Plants that produce feminized Michka cannabis seeds are growing rapidly. They do not show many branches and you can benefit from that, depending on your growth configuration. And by choosing this feminized version of the species, you know for sure that you will not spend an inch of growth space on male plants.

The time to identify and eliminate it also keeps you safe. Michka Feminized becomes tall plants, which makes Sea of Green or Screen of Green worthwhile, especially if you have a low ceiling and experience with these techniques.

Growers who do not live in a climate with mild to warm weather conditions can best cultivate Michka Feminised indoors, where the species will develop effortlessly. But if you live in an area that can provide a long flowering period with an appropriate climate, this species is a wonderful resource for outdoor growing. This powerful sativa can reach impressive heights in open terrain.

Neville’s Haze

This species is almost pure Haze! A ‘‘must have’’ for the experienced grower and a pleasure for the Sativa connoisseur. It gives a very spiritual, stimulating and psychoactive touch.


We continue with Best Savita Strains list with Outlaw. A sativa dominated by the Haze of the best quality that will attract both novice growers and connoisseurs. With the low price that Dutch Passion charges for its OutLaw cannabis seeds, this can turn into a new sales success.

Dutch Passion has carefully selected Haze’s original seeds from its 30-year seed bank to create this variety. OutLaw is a sativa / indicates 80/20 with a THC content of 15% -20% and is a cross between the Super Haze with a very special amnesia cut. The high is powerful and fast with a high and bright sativa and a strong Haze flavor. The taste is fresh, bitter, strong and similar to Haze from the old school.

OutLaw will be larger than other varieties, up to 50 cm extra of the flowering period, and will work well in the SCROG method.

Although it can be harvested at 9 weeks, a total flowering period of 12 weeks is recommended for the best flavor, yield and high. OutLaw grows well in all growing media, with perhaps the best performance in hydroelectric power with yields of up to 500 g / m², which makes OutLaw look like a variety with an excellent supplier.


It is a special genetic line that was discovered after growing hundreds of AK47 plants.

AK420 Properties

AK420 is loaded with the usual 22% accumulators + THC levels, so you are sure of a powerful smoke. The AK420 also has performance well above average with consistent, sticky and sticky flowers that grow well in almost all conditions. The high is an experience of the highest quality that will leave you without fear and will make you feel good that will make AK420 one of your favorite variants. This genetic line is easy to grow, recommended for new breeders due to its robustness. The perfect combination of performance and quality with a happiness effect.


Amajikoym can be very generous in stable conditions. Wait about 80 days and you will discover it automatically. Outdoors, this plant can become GIGANTIC, think 3 by 3 meters. The taste is soft, clear sativa, and immediately fills all the rooms. As you can expect from this dominant sativa species, the effect is strong and gradual, almost disguised, but high.

Sweet Tai

An excellent crossing of the Super Tai with an early skunk. The predominant smell and taste of a Tai with the spicy and spicy aroma that is typical of some of these Asian varieties.
This crossing with Early Skunk has led to a longer flowering period and firmer budding. The plants have a slightly more compact structure, more resin formation and are more suitable for indoor growing. Type with a very stimulating and stimulating effect.

Silver Haze

We finished this Best Sativa Strains with Silver Haze. The first Haze is considered a masterpiece characteristic of cannabis cultivation, a harmonious blend of complementary equatorial genotypes that are seen far and wide as the purest and most powerful Sativa ever created.
The original and award-winning Silver seed variety Haze de Sensi has refined the sunny and cerebral magic of its imposing matrix in a manageable hybrid, which offers great opportunities for indoor use.

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