What is Charlotte’s Web CDB?

Charlotte’s web CDB is the website of an industry leader in product quality, security, and consistency; He works with hemp extracts and their botanical properties for use in all the products that the company offers.

What is the story of Charlotte’s web?

Charlotte was a girl who suffered from epileptic seizures and for three months after she was born, she had already had her first seizure of epilepsy that lasted even 30 minutes.
As Charlotte grew, her situation worsened and attacks were much more frequent; It could have several attacks per day and even last at least four hours each.

Over the years, Charlotte was already in a wheelchair, avoiding eye contact, showing signs of autism and refusing to eat. At age five, Charlotte was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome called ”Darvet Syndrome”, which consists of a syndrome of epilepsy that is slowly deteriorating the human body.

For more treatments and medications that Charlotte passed, none seemed to improve it. The parents had even come to the conclusion of inducing her into a coma so that her body could rest, even after several times the heart seemed to have stopped.

Finally, the grandfather of the girl investigated some cases of epilepsy that had been treated with substances extracted from the Cannabis plant, and considered that it could serve the girl, after all, what did they have to lose? … They proved that the medicine and it was 100% effective and the number of epileptic seizures in a week was reduced to zero in the same week it was tested. From there came the idea of the Stanley brothers in creating a page of help and treatments for all those people who can benefit from their products based on hemp.

What is the CBD and how is it different from THC?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the hemp plant with many medical benefits. Cannabidiol, unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), does not cause psychedelic effects and is generally well tolerated.

Is the CBD approved?

In German-speaking countries and in many other countries, cannabis with high CBD content and low THC concentration can be grown as commercial hemp.

How does the CBD work?

The mechanism of action of the CBD has not been fully explored. They are diverse and not as easy to describe as the mechanisms of action typical of THC. Above all, THC stimulates the cannabinoid-1 receptor (CB1 receptor), which is responsible for the psychic effects of cannabis. In contrast, a variety of mechanisms of action for the CBD have been identified. However, most of the effects of CBD have so far only been demonstrated in animal experiments. Therefore, according to these initial studies, it acts as an antidepressant and has the potential to relieve pain due to a nerve injury or inflammation. Also, it is believed to be neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory. Act, the first studies have also shown that it acts antiepileptic, can inhibit nausea and cancer cells can kill breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, and other cancers.

What are the side effects of CBD?

An evaluation of several studies with CBD revealed that cannabidiol is “probably safe for humans and animals.” Several studies suggest that CBD is not toxic to untransformed cells, does not induce changes in food intake and catalepsy, and does not affect physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature) and the gastrointestinal tract. However, the consequences of a CBD application during pregnancy and lactation have not yet been investigated, so statements about possible side effects cannot be made here.

Charlotte’s web products:

For a long time, cosmetics made hemp a dark existence. Although hemp has a long tradition, the plant has always adhered to a negative stigma. This is changing. More and more consumers are discovering cosmetics with hemp cream. There are good reasons for that. The care of the body and skin is an important part of our health, so hemp creams are a fragrant and soothing alternative to traditional care products.

CBD oil for animals.

People are not the only ones who can benefit from the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis CBD. Since mammals, fish, and mollusks also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), the quality of life of these creatures can also be increased with the so-called CBD oil for animals.

This oil is obtained through a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This results in an extract of CBD of the highest quality. This extract is carefully mixed with olive oil specifically for animals so that the exact concentration of CBD of 3% is achieved. For smaller bodies, it has been shown that 3% is an ideal concentration of CBD. Dogs and cats tolerate better CBD oils diluted with olive oil.

CBD capsules.

The active principle cannabidiol, in short, called CBD, is available in very different forms. Although the effect is always the same, for some people the taste of the CBD is simply non-existent. While some mix pure hemp protein in shakes or eat healthy raw beans, for many it is easier to take the medication through a capsule without the proper flavor.

The effects on the body are varied and provide new strength and energy. As soon as the capsule dissolves in the stomach, innumerable important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron are released. In addition, the extracted hemp oil is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which makes it an important part of the diet, especially for vegetarians.
CBD Isolate.

The world of the CBD has accelerated as more and more people seek a more natural approach to their health. Strong and specific pharmaceutical products can generally have a variety of troubling side effects. By contrast, herbal supplements are often seen as more natural remedies that work with the body than against it.



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