Nowadays, many people feel curious about the ways to grow marijuana indoors. Before referring to these ways, let us describe some information about this plant. Cannabis is a plant that is usually known by different names, like marijuana for instance. Its leaves are greenish. The cannabis plant usually reaches two, three or four meters high. It depends on the kind of cannabis plants. There are some common types, such as cannabis sativa, indica and rudelis. Like other plants, they need to receive a particular care to grow in optimal conditions.

Before grow marijuana indoors

There are several relevant aspects, people should know to grow indoors in optimal conditions.  This is a controlled activity, so it is a great idea to join as much information as possible about the plants you want to grow. Among these details, we have the following ones: the temperature the plants need, a suitable lighting, and fertilizers used for the plants. In this case, the chosen plant for the indoor project is marijuana. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are different kinds of cannabis plants. They have particular features.

For instance, cannabis sativa plants tend to be very tall and large with extended leaves. They are often grown in tropical locations and they are commonly seen in outdoor growing. These are usually grown in South America and Asia. On the other hand, we have Cannabis indica plants, which come from India and Pakistan and these are usually smaller. Their leaves are wide and shorter. These are commonly recommended for medicinal purposes.

Get information about the care and maintenance the marijuana plants need. You have to be sure about the quantity of water and nutrients these plants require. Also, be certain about the appropriate temperature conditions and the suitable lighting to avoid burning or overheating them. Another significant aspect is creating a firm plan. You have to work carefully. Remember, to grow marijuana indoors is a way to control the plant´s development until reaching the harvest.

At the beginning of the growing marijuana indoor

This project has several phases and they have to be well organized to succeed at the end of it. Here, let us mention some tips to have a good start:

1-. It is important to have an excellent infrastructure to start the indoor project. This place needs to have a good lighting system. The marijuana plants require warm conditions. Nowadays, there are several options to set the most convenient light system. You can choose HID lights (high-intensity discharge), or you can use LED lights (light emitting diode technology). That last type of lighting is more expensive than the first one. The HID lights also require a reflector for every light, lamp, or bulb used. You decide the most convenient one for your project.

  1. – To grow marijuana indoors, it is necessary to have the appropriate temperature conditions in this place. It is not enough to set a good light system. You also need to put a fan to remove the heat and distribute fresh air toward the floor. That is a way to keep a balance and avoid overheating.
  2. – Organize the pots or the containers you will use to plant indoors. It depends on the number of plants your project have. It could be a small or a big project.

During the marijuana growing indoors

Once you have the seedlings from the germination phase, you have to check their day to day growing. At first, these seedlings do not require too much water. These only need to have a most soil to develop their roots. This soil should be rich in nutrients to encourage marijuana plants to grow. Now, let us mention some of these nutrients: potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, among others.

Fertilizers are very important when sowing plants outdoors and indoors. You can look for the most convenient one for your project, even there are some of them used especially for marijuana growing. As when watering, you should not use fertilizers excessively. The plants need all these nutrients but in a moderate way. Obviously, the plants show some characteristics to warn you about the lack or excess of this practice.  Sometimes, their leaves change their color, or they can stop growing.

When people decide to grow marijuana indoors, they can control the plants growing. With this system, they can detect if the plants are affected by any pest or fungus. As it is a well-ordered method, people can control these inconveniences. This is an advantage of growing indoors. If the project is outdoors, it may be more difficult to realize about those problems, or it might be late at the moment people find out.

Indoor growers can even control the harvest time. They work on providing what the plants need. That is humidity, lighting, nutrients and all the possible special care. Such control can be better than dealing with outdoor growing. The flowering stage can also be forced. Obviously, these people need to wait several weeks more until getting the yield.

At the harvest stage of your grow marijuana indoor project

Once you have taken care of the indoor marijuana plants, it is time for receiving your reward. That is the harvest. Now, it is time to make important decisions again. You can retire the whole production to sell it. Maybe, you should keep some seeds to start a new project. As indoor growing is a controlled activity, you can get more than one harvest a year. Remember, people can accelerate the growth and blooming stage. Moreover, you may detect the possible inconveniences on time. Through that action, you can decide what to do, use, or avoid to get a successful yield.

Getting the best harvest is the result of hard work, appropriate decisions, and a good organization. Such an organization has to be even before starting the growing first stage. If you have your project under control, you can deal with the problems related to the plants growing.

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