Growing is an activity, which can be carried out either at home or outdoors. Through this article, you will find a very useful indoor grow guide to help you with some aspects and tips to have a successful harvest.  People usually grow different herbs and plants indoors, which give them different benefits due to their diverse properties, culinary or medicinal ones. They can grow vegetables, spices and, herbs as well. It is common to see tomatoes, chilies, coriander, basil or lettuce as a result of an indoor growing. This guide will be focused on cannabis plants.

Indoor Grow Guide : Factors to consider

There are many aspects to consider before growing plants indoors. The first one is choosing the plant you want to grow and get enough information about it. In this indoor grow guide the selected plant is cannabis. Cannabis plant comes from Asia and it is used in many countries for different reasons. Some of these reasons are recreational and medicinal purposes or industrial use as well. This is a plant, which grows better in warm locations, though it is considered as an adaptable plant. It is also vulnerable to extreme cold and heat conditions, so people should be very careful when growing cannabis.

Another important aspect is the main reason to use this growing way. Some people choose indoor practice because they do not have a big project, so they need just a few plants. Sometimes, they do not have a garden or a yard because they live in apartments. Maybe, they only want to try indoors first, before deciding on bigger outdoor project. In other cases, people decide this way keep all the temperature conditions and even the plants growing under control.

Once people have the plant, they have to make a plan to start growing indoors. In this plan, they should take into account the following aspects:

  1. A suitable place: It is necessary to look for a suitable location. This place should be according to the number of plants you want to grow. You can have the plants inside your house or in a bigger close place. This place needs to be arranged considering what the plants need. In the case of cannabis plants, the place should provide them with warm conditions.
  2. Temperature: Cannabis plants require good temperature conditions. They cannot tolerate extreme cold or heat. They need a warm and fresh area to develop during their diverse stages. When preparing the infrastructure to carry out the project, they have to include a ventilation system. It allows to remove the extra heat and spread some fresh air in the place.
  3. Lighting: A lighting system is required as well. The plants need to receive enough artificial light and it is better if you can alternate between direct sunlight and artificial method. You can use HID or LED technology. LED is more expensive than the first one. Also, HID needs a reflector for the lights you have put in the place.
  4. Watering: The cannabis plants need to be watered in a regular way. These need to keep some moisture to develop enough roots. You must not overwater them because it is harmful to the plants. These can stop growing and even die off.
  5. Care and maintenance: When growing indoors, you should consider that the plants need more nutrients than the ones grown outdoors. You can choose using compost, but it is more common when people have just a few plants. If you a bigger project, you should consider using other fertilizers. In the case of cannabis plants, there are some fertilizers aimed at them, so these have all the nutrients the cannabis plants need.

The use of fertilizers has to be in a moderate way as well. It is recommended to read the instructions before using them. They usually state the adequate quantity to be used. The excessive use of fertilizers can damage the plants and even kill them. The plants often show some signs about the excess or lack of fertilizers and water. Their leaves begin to change their color. They turn light green or yellow and sometimes they stop growing. If you pay attention to this warning, you can look for alternatives to help your plants.

Advantages of indoor grow guide

Through this indoor grow guide, you will notice some benefits people receive when accomplishing an indoor project. This a controlled activity, so it is very important to make a good plan and organize the process step by step in order to get a successful harvest.  These are some of the possible advantages of growing indoors:

  1. – Indoor growing is an alternative for people, who live in seasonal places. The weather conditions are always changing, so it is better to have the plants under control. If you have them in pots, it is easier to move them to safer places in case of extreme conditions.
  2. – Some plants can help people emotionally and even physically. Those people need to focus their attention on something, like taking care of the plants in order to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.
  3. – Other plants provide a fresh environment at home.
  4. – The plants are not destroyed by animals;
  5. – You can detect if the plants are affected by mold or any diseases.
  6. – And another relevant advantage is the harvest itself. In the case of cannabis plants, people can get good yields if the plants receive suitable conditions and care.

Cannabis plants are used for several purposes. People can use them as a recreation form, but others use these plants due to their medicinal properties. These can be used in case of extreme pains, anxiety, depression, and also as part of cancer and sclerosis treatment, among others. They are also used for industrial purposes. Of course, these plants tend to be a good business for many people as well. Growing indoors can be relaxing for some people and for others challenging and also rewarding.

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