Portable electronic devices known as “vape pens” or ” CBD vape oil “ are gaining popularity among medical marijuana patients and others because it provides a convenient, discreet and presumably benign way to administer cannabis.

It is generally assumed that vaporizing is a better method of marijuana administration than smoking since the smoke contains harmful substances that can irritate the lungs. As the vaporizer heats Cannabis flowers or oil concentrates without burning them, the active ingredients are inhaled without smoke being involved in the process.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of the most important cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. This, unlike her niece THC, is not psychoactive but has an amazing amount of therapeutic applications. Continuous research is being done on the benefits of the use of CBD-rich oil as an antispasmodic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory or antiepileptic agent. It turns out that vape is one of the most reliable methods of use with this incredible cannabinoid and that is why we dive into the details of the E-liquids of the CBD.

What is an electric cigarette?

An electric cigarette consists of a rechargeable battery, a liquid tank (clearomizer) and an evaporator, this is also known as a coil or atomizer. The coil consists in most cases of a piece of cotton or fuse with an incandescent bulb. The fuse absorbs the liquid from the tank. If the battery button is pressed, the filament heats up. This causes the liquid to be prevented and inhaled.

There are many different types of electric cigarettes.

The brand
The contents of the battery, the time it can smoke before having to charge it.
The possibility of configuring a battery in voltage or wattage.
The resistance of the coil. The lower the resistance, the more vapor.
The content or design of the clearomizer, with or without an air supply.

Use of CBD vape oil

Inhale several puffs of an evaporator 1 to 2 times a day. Keep a break of a few minutes, between 2 puffs. In a few minutes you will automatically notice if it has any influence. The use of 1 bottle of 10 ml takes approximately 2 weeks. It is recommended to use a separate evaporator for this. It is not recommended to mix with other electronic liquids because it is difficult to estimate how high the dose will be. Use this medicine whenever you have symptoms. If you do not see any improvement in symptoms after 1 to 2 weeks of use, talk to your doctor. You may have to increase the dose or use a different variety. It is also possible that you will not benefit from cannabis use.
Why use CBD in CBD vape oil?

        Evaporation is much healthier than smoking because it does not involve combustion.

Whatever you smoke, inhaling hot plant particles is not good for you anyway. Therefore, smoking tobacco is the cause of lung cancer in 80 to 90 percent of cases. Smoking cannabis is less dangerous than tobacco and does not increase the risk of lung cancer. But it can cause bronchitis and inflammation in the lungs by irritating the respiratory tract.

The hoisting vapor cannabidiol (CBD) avoids this problem. There is no incineration involved, so there is no smoke when inhaled but a gentle vapor containing the required CBD. Cannabidiol inhalation is also one of the most effective ways to obtain the substance. Then, almost nothing is lost during the process of absorbing the substance in your body, something that may be the case when you take oil.

        To relax during the day without the psychoactive effect of THC, CBD vaping is the perfect alternative.

Today’s society is fast and persecuted, so anxiety disorders and depression are more common than ever. CBD reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression without the psychoactive effects caused by THC. For this reason, the product is perfect to use as a sedative when you want to keep clear, for example, at work.

The calming effect of the CBD vape oil is noted quickly and can last up to two hours. There is no limit to its use, so it can be safely re-administered afterward. A Vape ballpoint pen with cannabidiol is useful for traveling and keeps you calm in stressful situations.


Let’s face it, it shows when you take a dropper out of your inside pocket and drip some CBD oil under the tongue in the public space.

CBD vape oil is not really appreciated in the middle of the street. For the spectators, it will appear that he is smoking a genuine joint. Vaporizers do not burn plant material, but create a tasty vapor and, therefore, are much more discreet.

Steam from CBD vaporizers does not smell like marijuana, so you can use them discreetly wherever you are. Unlike smoke, the smell of this vapor does not adhere to your clothes either. In addition, CBD vaporizer pens are as big as writing utensils, so you can easily store them in your pockets. And just take them out just as easily for a dose.

        The vape CBD pens are discrete and can be dosed correctly using the solid composition of the liquids.

One of the difficult things about cannabis medication is to dose it. How do you know exactly how much you eat? A ready-to-use cartridge with a standard dose ensures that you know exactly how much CBD you consume per puff.
These products are not suitable for people under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart and/or vascular diseases and people who are allergic and/or sensitive to nicotine-containing products. In case of doubt always consult your doctor first. Filled liquids and/or electric cigarettes should be kept away from children and pets.

The CBD E-liquids are specially designed to evaporate for the CBD vape oil; therefore, do not use CBD oil that is designed to be taken directly.


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